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Written by Sarah Kellison on July 20th, 2011

Blast from the Laserfiche Past

I was searching for something today and came across these cartoons along the way.  They may be somewhat outdated, but the messages ring true—even today—because Laserfiche always has, and always will, make people’s lives easier. I hope you read ‘em and smile, even if you’re only smiling because they’re so darn corny.

In all seriousness, though, these cartoons may be outdated, but their messages remain

Written by Tammy Kaehler on July 18th, 2011

Finding Your Focus

Recently I’ve been delivering presentations to a lot of different groups, both at work and in my personal life. Since I have become the de facto expert (I’m not perfect, but most rational people don’t want to do it, so I’m elected), I’m even delivering what I call the “presentation presentation.” That is to say, a presentation on how to create and deliver a good presentation.

I break the session down into three sections: developing your content, creating the PowerPoint, and delivering the information. It’s easy enough to give people some rules (I work with engineers; they like rules), such as “nothing smaller than 30-point font” and “face your audience at all times, never read the slides.” Creation and delivery are the easy parts. What’s harder to teach is how to figure out what you should say.

The fundamental misconception many novice presenters have is starting with what they want to say about the topic. It’s often a revelation to them that what they really need to do is start with who the audience is and what the audience wants to hear.

By way of explanation or proof, I offer this analogy: imagine you’re having a party. You wouldn’t ask “what food do I want to provide?” You’d first consider if you’re inviting adult friends who like gourmet food or if you’re hosting a birthday party for a six-year-old. The food you serve—and the way you present it—would be different, depending on the audience. The content of a presentation should be similarly tuned.

Once you know your audience’s background, expectations, and needs, two additional steps can help define the focus of a presentation. The first is identifying your overall goal—one simple, summary statement. The second is enumerating three key points you want the audience to walk away with. By necessity, you will generalize with your summary statement and key points, and to some extent, that’s OK because it’s better to make a general statement that everyone will understand than it is to be precisely correct about a minor detail that no one cares about.

It all comes back to your audience. Make sure they understand the message you’re trying to communicate, and then you’re the expert.

Written by Chelsea Kerrington on June 28th, 2011

ACE Bulletin: June 2011


iPhone App Released   

The Laserfiche Mobile™ app for the iPhone is now available for free download in the Apple App Store. The app allows you to work with documents inside your Laserfiche repository as well as new information, providing access to whatever you need, wherever you are.   

Use the iPhone camera to add new documents to your repository on the go. Create and upload new information-—whether it’s names and addresses from business cards, an image corresponding to a document already in your Laserfiche repository or travel receipts for a business expense report. Information imported with Laserfiche Mobile is automatically cropped, straightened and enhanced—and text is generated with optical character recognition.  

In addition to fast and easy uploading, Laserfiche Mobile lets you copy, move, rename, download, email, print or delete content. With access to your repository now in the palm of your hand, you can conveniently browse for documents in a folder structure or search the entire repository. Document workflow status can also be updated by accessing metadata fields.  

Laserfiche Mobile operates with Laserfiche Web Access as part of an Avante or Rio system. To enable Web Access to accept connections from Laserfiche Mobile, visit the Support Site to download the free Laserfiche Mobile Add-On.  

Keep your database available, up-to-date and under control with Laserfiche Mobile—download the app now!

To schedule a briefing on Laserfiche’s financial services strategy, please contact Sarah Kellison.

Company News

Agile ECM Webinar Featuring IDC Analyst Now Available Online  

Learn how to maximize value creation and remain up-to-speed on design, execution and customer value within your organization in the pre-recorded Webinar, “Agile ECM for the Agile Enterprise,” now available online on the Laserfiche Webinars Site.   

Special guest IDC Research Director Holly Muscolino and Laserfiche Director of Government Strategy, Kimberly Samuelson, discuss how to leverage technology to improve value at every business level. This is a fantastic Webinar for IT administrators, department heads and business owners who want to learn more about using agile ECM to deliver agile processes that maximize the value of an organization’s information—and in turn, provide the best value and content interaction experience for clients.   

Register here to watch the Webinar online at your convenience!   


Laserfiche International Conference Highlights  

This May, business and IT executives, users and resellers from across the Middle East, Europe and North Africa (MENA) gathered in Beirut, Lebanon, for the 4th Annual Laserfiche International Conference at the Habtoor Grand Hotel Convention Center & Spa. More than 160 attendees engaged in hands-on training, interactive presentations and networking opportunities.   

“Despite tough economic times, travel restrictions and security issues, we saw remarkable international VAR and end-user participation,” says Maya Abou Jawdeh, ECM Channel Development Manager at conference co-host, BMB sal. Jawdeh credits the dedication of the BMB and Laserfiche team for creating an organized, lively event. “Everyone was eager to participate and expressed enthusiasm for attending future Laserfiche/BMB events—it was a very collaborative atmosphere.”   

Attendees were able to choose from more than 40 different class sessions over three days, including interactive lab sessions, roundtables and customer success stories. Taught by BMB and Laserfiche staff, and featuring Laserfiche users and resellers as guest presenters, the conference sessions offered something for everyone interested in bolstering their content management knowledge.   

Afif Soubra from Beirut-based real estate company Solidere discussed their use of a Laserfiche Rio system to manage reconstruction and development projects in Beirut’s City Center in the presentation, “Rio is the Way to Go for Solidere.” “Solidere is very satisfied with its choice to adopt Laserfiche ECM. Users are interested in the friendly interface and administrators appreciate the way the system is managed. After implementing Laserfiche in two major divisions within our company, we look forward to expanding to the remaining divisions in the coming months.”  

For the 4th consecutive year, BMB and Laserfiche have made a strong commitment to educating the MENA market and transferring knowledge to the region’s large customer base and resellers. “It’s our priority to respond efficiently to market competitiveness,” says Nizar Ghannam, COO of BMB. “We strive to optimize our efforts as we see specific needs emerge in the MENA region, and both users and partners are clearly pleased with Laserfiche products as indicated by the strong attendance of this year’s conference. It’s this dedication that ensures a successful conference—people are proud to be part of the Laserfiche community year after year.”  

To schedule a briefing on Laserfiche’s International Strategy, please contact Linda Kao.  


FPA Purchases Laserfiche Rio   

The Financial Planning Association (FPA), the world’s largest personal financial planning organization, recently selected Laserfiche Rio as its enterprise content management (ECM) standard. Laserfiche will deliver a customized content management technology solution for the organization to create efficiencies and better serve their membership.  

“During our evaluation process, Laserfiche rose to the top because they provided the best solution for our organization by helping reduce administrative expenses and integrating well with our other systems,” said Curt Niepoth, FPA’s Associate Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer.  

For more than 4,000 RIAs, Laserfiche is the top choice when looking to cost-effectively comply with Dodd-Frank regulations; integrate ECM with their CRM and portfolio management applications; and improve efficiency.

To schedule a briefing on Laserfiche’s financial services strategy, please contact Sarah Kellison.

In the News

Upcoming Events

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Los Angeles, CA, July 11–15. Laserfiche, a Gold-Level Sponsor, will be at booth #179 to answer any questions, deliver product demos and provide free five-minute massages! Be sure to catch our speaking session, “Adding Agile ECM: Streamlined Data Governance for SharePoint Portals in the Virginia Port Authority” and ask about the new Laserfiche Integrator Partner Program. 

FOSE 2011 in Washington, DC, July 19–21, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Join us at booth #1021 for a free re-energizing massage and to learn how Laserfiche Agile ECM can reduce organizational stresses by increasing information management efficiencies. 

ESRI International User Conference in San Diego, CA, July 11–15. Stop by booth #1606 to learn more about Laserfiche integrations and to see a demo. 

North Carolina Digital Government Summit at the Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown in Raleigh, NC, August 31­–September 1. Stay tuned for more information! 

2011 Educause Annual Conference at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA, October 18–21. Stop by booth #1619 to view a demo and learn how Laserfiche ECM solutions can be tailored to higher-education IT needs. 

Participate in the Community

Submit an Article: Laserfiche is now accepting submissions for guest articles to be featured in our weekly reseller newsletter (circulation: 3,000) and in our monthly newsletter for end users (circulation: 24,000). If you would like to showcase your expertise within the Laserfiche community, please e-mail Melissa Henley with your proposed story idea.

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Written by Sarah Kellison on June 20th, 2011

How to: Create and Execute an Enterprise Expansion Strategy

Within the last 30 days, my colleague Kimberly Samuelson and I have both written articles for CMS Wire.  Both touch on “the enterprise,” but from different perspectives.  While Kimberly’s article dives into defining the enterprise, mine builds on her foundation to provide a five step process for executing an enterprise-wide expansion of content management technology. When taken together, these articles provide a fairly comprehensive look at enterprise expansion, both philosophically and pragmatically, that you can use to build a customized expansion strategy for your clients.

Excerpts from “Putting the ‘E’ in Enterprise Content Management: What Does ‘Enterprise’ Really Mean?”:

  • “Because an enterprise includes a whole complex of socio-technical systems including people, processes, information and technology, defining the boundary or scope of the enterprise is an important first step in defining organizational needs.”
  • “But when it comes to an ECM deployment, moving from a transactional to a foundational approach multiplies the benefits — and the ROI — with the “ROI Multiplier” effect, which is expressed in the context of what business units actually care about.”
  • “And until ECM is deployed as a foundational component of an organization’s enterprise architecture, it isn’t truly enterprise.”

Excerpts from “How to Get to Enterprise: Engaging the User in Defining Organizational Needs”:

  1. Define the Problem: What business problems do we want to solve? What business technologies are being under-utilized?
  2. Measure the State of the Current Process: How are current processes structured? Which departments currently use technology as part of their business processes?
  3. Analyze Causes: Why are we encountering bottlenecks? How is technology helping or hurting productivity throughout the enterprise?
  4. Improve and Optimize Processes: Address causes of highest priority business problems without turning a blind eye to user feedback.
  5. Control Results to Ensure Sustainability: Are profits holding steady or climbing? Is user adoption strong and staying that way?

Written by Sarah Kellison on June 17th, 2011

It’s Here! Laserfiche Mobile App for iPhone

You know that feeling when you order something online, and you know it’s set to arrive any day now?  Well that’s how we’ve been feeling for the last week about our iPhone app.  And today’s the day our much anticipated “package” arrived in the Apple App Store.  From simple search and retrieve, to advanced mobile capture capabilities, Laserfiche Mobile allows users to work with documents residing in their Laserfiche repository and capture new ones while on the go.

I might be a little biased, but I am seriously considering going to the Apple store just so I can play with the app some more.  Now, you ask, why would I have to go to the store?  Well, I’m a Droid owner.  But for all of us non-iPhone owners, hope is not lost.  Our development team has told me that apps for other devices and OS platforms (first up iPad) are in the works!

Some notable features:

  • Search across all documents in a repository
  • Manage documents using copy, move, rename, print and delete
  • Update document workflow status through its metadata fields
  • Immediately upload new documents to the Laserfiche repository using the device camera
  • Process and clean up captured documents for easier viewing

You can view and download the app here.  Demo mode is included in the app so you can download and test it out instantly.

I hope you get a chance to check it out, whether in the comfort of your home, or a hotel or a coffee shop or even an Apple store at the mall. And when you do, let us know what you think! Leave a comment on our Facebook wall or on Twitter.

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