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Brent Burns and Stephen Huxley founded Asset Dedication, LLC in 2002 with an innovative notion: that the liability-driven investment portfolios common in the institutional world could be engineered for individuals according to their specific income needs, akin to a personalized pension fund. In 2009, advancements in processor technology, coupled with the support of BondDesk Group, LLC, gave the Mill Valley, CA-based firm the opportunity to transition from consultants into a full-service sub-advisor offering individualized portfolio management to RIAs.

Key to this transition, Burns believed, was leveraging business technology to minimize both the operational and risk management costs of working directly with advisors. “As a growing company, technology was the way to get more done with a smaller headcount,” he says.

For Spire Investment Partners, LLC, a combination broker/dealer, registered investment advisor, and insurance agency based in McLean, VA, managing several billion dollars in assets and answering to multiple regulatory agencies—including FINRA, the SEC and state insurance regulators—brings with it the need for especially agile enterprise content management (ECM). (more…)

Keane Capital Management, Inc. is a hedge fund firm based in Charlotte, NC. Since its founding in 1999 with a staff of just two, the firm has grown to seven full-time employees handling fund portfolios for some 250 high net worth investors. With this growth came the need for greater administrative efficiency, which led to Ted Slack joining the firm as its first controller in 2005. (more…)

When Olmsted & Associates, a CPA firm based in Fountain Valley, CA, went looking for a content management system in 2006, its needs were simple: “We needed a program that would allow us to scan multiple sizes and types of documents and then facilitate our search for them later. Security and retention periods were a concern as well,” says Tax Administrator Fernando Rocha. “Basically, we needed to have everything in one place so whomever needed to use it, could.”

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