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LONG BEACH, CA (Laserfiche)—January 12, 2010—Laserfiche today announced the winners of its annual Run Smarter Awards program, including the State of Guerrero, Mexico. Each year, Laserfiche recognizes organizations that have been successful in solving their most pressing information management challenges through innovative use of Laserfiche technology. (more…)

MEXICO CITY, Mexico—Nov. 11, 2008—Laserfiche® today kicked off its Latin America technology conference in Mexico City at Hotel Nikko Mexico. Value-added resellers, customers, and potential customers from Baja California to as far away as Costa Rica are scheduled to attend.


Tax collection is a major factor in determining the operating income of the city of Acapulco, Mexico. In city government, efficiency is directly related to the size of the operating budget. The success of tax collection efforts determines how much, or how little, a city needs to rely on federal funding.

On the average, Mexican cities rely on federal government for approximately 85 percent of their funding. That means local income, generated from tax collection, usually only constitutes approximately 15 percent of city budgets. The average Mexican city depends heavily on the federal government for money because, in many cases, its tax collection efforts are lacking.