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Formed in 1998, CapitalCare Medical Group is a physician-owned medical practice with 27 medical offices across four counties in upstate New York, with central business offices located in Albany. (more…)

The Waco, TX, Independent School District (WISD) serves over 15,000 students across 32 campuses. For WISD’s Accounting Department, that means cutting 300-400 checks a week to vendors and agencies serving the district, as well as handling the information management needs that come along with AP processing for a mid-size ISD like Waco. (more…)

ECOM is a global commodities company headquartered in Dallas, TX, trading cocoa, cotton and coffee between 40 offices in 30 countries. “Columbia, Chile, Honduras, all the i-stans—if they’re growing an agricultural product, we’re there,” says Willa Zandi, IT Director. The Dallas office, for instance, is the company’s hub for cotton trading.

“Like all non-profit organizations, we continue to be asked to ‘do more with less,’” says Dr. Keith Vire, CEO of the Arkansas Support Network (ASN). Since adopting Laserfiche as its case management system in 2008, Laserfiche has helped do just that by supporting ASN’s 430 staff, program managers and case managers as they provide services and supported employment to over 800 individuals and families with disabilities. Client files that were once three-inch thick folders of medical information, case notes and support plans are now indexed and searchable—visible only to assigned staff, making compliance and frequent audits by multiple state and federal healthcare agencies simple and comprehensive.

Name a recent natural disaster, and Ceres Environmental Recovery & Restoration Management has been there, helping clean up and rebuild. In fact, the licensed general contractor and government contracting firm has been awarded more than $700 million in disaster recovery contracts during the past eight years—most notably a $500 million contract to help Louisiana recover from Hurricane Katrina.