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LAS VEGAS, NV—(Laserfiche)—October 23, 2011—Laserfiche (booth #1245) today announced that it will showcase how Laserfiche enterprise content management (ECM) solutions can streamline the billing, HIM, credentialing, compliance and contract management processes at medical groups and practices around the country, including Fertility Centers of Illinois, Dallas Associated Dermatologists and Arkansas’ CareLink. (more…)

College Station Independent School District (CSISD) in College Station, TX, needed a more efficient way to manage content for its Special Services Department to provide students with timely, specialized assistance. (more…)

Keane Capital Management, Inc. is a hedge fund firm based in Charlotte, NC. Since its founding in 1999 with a staff of just two, the firm has grown to seven full-time employees handling fund portfolios for some 250 high net worth investors. With this growth came the need for greater administrative efficiency, which led to Ted Slack joining the firm as its first controller in 2005. (more…)

Outagamie County, WI, has a tradition of innovation. Appleton, its county seat, is home to Hearthstone, the very first home in the United States to be powered solely by Thomas Edison’s hydroelectric technology and light bulbs, way back in 1882. Now, almost 130 years later, that innovative spirit can be seen in the county’s deployment of Laserfiche agile enterprise content management (ECM) to expand and enhance information services in several departments.

In a year marked with more bank failures than we’ve seen since the height of the savings-and-loan crisis, D.L. Evans Bank, a family-owned institution with 22 branches, 320 employees and $875 million in managed assets, has cause to celebrate. Its ten-year use of Laserfiche has netted the 105-year-old, Idaho-based bank a wealth of dividends, including:

  • Faster audits.
  • Streamlined lending.
  • Improved business continuity planning.
  • More efficient processes for opening new accounts.
  • A 33% reduction in hard copy document production and an 85% reduction in paper storage.


There’s little in life that’s more elemental than water. And yet, in most developed countries, it’s easy to take access to safe water and sanitation for granted.

Prior to the creation of the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (CCCSD) in 1946, however, Contra Costa County—located east of San Francisco, CA—was in crisis. A post-war building boom had brought an influx of new residents, most of them relying on septic systems that didn’t take well to the area’s heavy adobe clay soil. With septic tanks overflowing and waterborne diseases such as typhoid becoming a potential threat, health authorities considered the polluted conditions in the county to be among the worst in California.

As a result, the CCCSD was formed as a special district, a sewer system and treatment plants were put in place, and the public received much-needed access to safe water and sanitation.

The Clay County Utility Authority is an independent special district, created by special legislation in Chapter 94-491 of the Florida statutes, that services the water, wastewater, and reclaimed water needs of its service area in Clay County, Florida. “Being a governmental entity, CCUA obtains its revenues from its ratepayers, not from taxpayers,” explains Dave Howell, Records Management Administrator. And when people don’t use as much water – say, in the case of the recent economic slowdown and the resulting lull in home building and new service requests – CCUA acts like any other business: It watches spending and looks for ways to cut costs. Howell says Laserfiche has given him the administrative control to be flexible enough to not only manage CCUA’s exponential paperwork growth, but to monitor productivity, ensure compliance and implement a disaster recovery plan. As a result of this streamlining, efficiency and oversight, CCUA has been able to not only solve its document management issues, Howell says, but has also been able to cross-train existing staff to run more efficiently.

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