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“Like all non-profit organizations, we continue to be asked to ‘do more with less,’” says Dr. Keith Vire, CEO of the Arkansas Support Network (ASN). Since adopting Laserfiche as its case management system in 2008, Laserfiche has helped do just that by supporting ASN’s 430 staff, program managers and case managers as they provide services and supported employment to over 800 individuals and families with disabilities. Client files that were once three-inch thick folders of medical information, case notes and support plans are now indexed and searchable—visible only to assigned staff, making compliance and frequent audits by multiple state and federal healthcare agencies simple and comprehensive.

When Lindsay Lohan violated her probation by drinking the night of the MTV Movie Awards this month, it was the technology authorities used to catch her that really made headlines: an ankle monitor that detects alcohol on the wearer’s skin. Former Criminal District Court Judge Vickers Cunningham Sr. knows all too well how effective this technology, known as SCRAMx (“Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring”) can be. “Before we had this tool, I was putting 80% of people on probation for alcohol-related offenses back in prison,” Cunningham says. “Now, 83% percent of the people using the bracelets are alcohol-free—which means our justice system can focus its resources on the remaining 17%.”

Caring for senior citizens can be challenging: chronic pain, decreased mobility and a dwindling social network are just a few of the issues that older people—and their caregivers—must contend with. The mission of CareLink, a private nonprofit organization serving central Arkansas, is to connect older people and their families with resources to meet the opportunities and challenges of aging. The agency accomplishes this by:

  • Providing in-home services to help homebound older people live in their own homes as long as possible.
  • Helping active older people stay fit, healthy and involved through senior center programs and volunteer opportunities.
  • Providing family caregivers the resources and support they need to maintain their own lives while caring for older loved ones.

But with 19,000 clients, CareLink was contending with a challenge of its own: filing, storing and accessing customer charts and other documentation in a timely and efficient manner.

When the average person thinks about the employees who keep a hospital running, it is doctors and nurses who immediately come to mind. But what the average person doesn’t realize is how much work it takes to provide those doctors and nurses with the information they need to provide high-quality care. This task, of course, falls to health information management (HIM) professionals, and when a hospital relies on paper records, it is no easy feat.

“I’ve been in HIM since 1986,” explains Patty Hall, privacy officer and director of HIM at Wythe County Community Hospital, a 100-bed facility located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia, “and I have to tell you that having an electronic solution makes things so much easier.”

Time is money, especially for a busy firm like Renaissance Financial Corporation of St. Louis, MO. With offices in St. Louis, Omaha, NE, Lincoln, NE, and Kansas City, KS, keeping information moving was crucial.

As Renaissance staff explain, when an advisor is spending time searching through paperwork, that’s less time he or she has to focus on what the firm is known for: managing securities and investment plans, offering quality advisory services and helping with small business planning. “The more time advisors spend finding paperwork, the less time they have to spend building client relationships. We’re constantly trying to find ways to streamline processes so they don’t have to spend time doing administrative tasks.”

Walking into an inpatient room at the Surgical Specialty Center of Baton Rouge (SSCBR) is more like entering a spacious hotel suite than a hospital room. Designed with many of the comforts of home, each private suite contains a microwave, refrigerator, television and DVD/VCR player, along with a sofa bed for overnight guests. Of course, the best feature is the talented and dedicated staff that assists patients and family members with their medical needs.

“Most people don’t have pleasant memories associated with hospital stays: You’re sick, you’re scared, you’re away from your family,” says Shawana Rucker, IT manager at SSCBR. “SSCBR’s goal is to change all of that.” (more…)

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