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The Waco, TX, Independent School District (WISD) serves over 15,000 students across 32 campuses. For WISD’s Accounting Department, that means cutting 300-400 checks a week to vendors and agencies serving the district, as well as handling the information management needs that come along with AP processing for a mid-size ISD like Waco. (more…)

When manufacturing medical devices such as spinal fusion cages, knee replacements, hip replacements, bone screws and the like, precision is essential. Deviating from product specifications by even a miniscule amount can cause serious problems when a physician attempts to implant the device in a patient.

As a contract manufacturing company that specializes in medical device implants and surgical instruments, precision is a chief concern for RMS. For over forty years, the company has ensured the accuracy and quality of its products, spurring expansion and business growth. But as the organization grew, some of its processes failed to evolve along with it.