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ORLANDO, FL (Laserfiche)—February 1, 2012—Laserfiche (booth #2) today announced that it will highlight out-of-the-box integrations with Junxure, Salesforce.com and a variety of other CRM and portfolio management products this week at TD Ameritrade’s National Conference in Orlando, FL. (more…)

LONG BEACH (Laserfiche)—January 25, 2012—Laserfiche today announced that AppCrown and Junxure have joined its Professional Developer Partner (PDP) program. Through the PDP program, Laserfiche provides out-of-the-box integrations with CRM systems like Salesforce.com, Junxure, Tamarac, Microsoft CRM, Redtail and ACT! (more…)

Al Hewitt Inc./Hewitt Financial Group (HFG), headquartered in Palmdale, CA, is a combination fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and tax preparation firm serving 6,000 clients between its two offices in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. (more…)

Long Beach, CA (Laserfiche)—December 6, 2010—Laserfiche today announced the availability of a prepackaged integration with salesforce.com designed specifically for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs). By integrating Laserfiche enterprise content management (ECM) with their CRM systems, RIAs improve client service, enhance employee efficiency and facilitate compliance. (more…)

When we last heard from Joseph Salpietro, President and CEO of Xpyria Investment Advisors, he was looking forward to implementing Workflow to streamline his Firm’s repetitive work processes. As one of the first Laserfiche Avante customers in the financial services industry, one of the reasons Salpietro chose Laserfiche Avante was because of its built-in business process management (BPM) functionality.

“A lot of people think if you have an office in a metropolitan city that the highest cost to a business is rent, it’s not. It’s the people we employ. So I’d rather have them doing mission-critical, profitable work.”