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Covering just two square miles, Chelsea, MA is the state’s smallest city, but also one of its densest with 35,000 residents residing in its two square miles. Housing a dozen schools and a dozen-plus more municipal buildings, Chelsea is “certainly compact,” as IT Director John Hyland puts it. (more…)

WESTON, FL (Laserfiche)—February 16, 2011—As a Platinum PLUS sponsor of the Technology Tools for Today T3 Conference, Laserfiche (booth #301-303) will tomorrow host a workshop on how to harness ROI through integrated cloud-based content management and CRM. (more…)

For Spire Investment Partners, LLC, a combination broker/dealer, registered investment advisor, and insurance agency based in McLean, VA, managing several billion dollars in assets and answering to multiple regulatory agencies—including FINRA, the SEC and state insurance regulators—brings with it the need for especially agile enterprise content management (ECM). (more…)

When Olmsted & Associates, a CPA firm based in Fountain Valley, CA, went looking for a content management system in 2006, its needs were simple: “We needed a program that would allow us to scan multiple sizes and types of documents and then facilitate our search for them later. Security and retention periods were a concern as well,” says Tax Administrator Fernando Rocha. “Basically, we needed to have everything in one place so whomever needed to use it, could.”

Caring for senior citizens can be challenging: chronic pain, decreased mobility and a dwindling social network are just a few of the issues that older people—and their caregivers—must contend with. The mission of CareLink, a private nonprofit organization serving central Arkansas, is to connect older people and their families with resources to meet the opportunities and challenges of aging. The agency accomplishes this by:

  • Providing in-home services to help homebound older people live in their own homes as long as possible.
  • Helping active older people stay fit, healthy and involved through senior center programs and volunteer opportunities.
  • Providing family caregivers the resources and support they need to maintain their own lives while caring for older loved ones.

But with 19,000 clients, CareLink was contending with a challenge of its own: filing, storing and accessing customer charts and other documentation in a timely and efficient manner.

Established in 1941, the Morehead Group is a financial services firm providing strategic insurance solutions for affluent individuals and families. Located in Charlotte, NC, the firm has a team of three principals and seven associates who provide everything from underwriting and policy evaluation to client services and administration.

Kenneth Samuelson, one of the firm’s principals, brings over twenty years of experience in the financial services industry to his clients. With this experience, Samuelson places an emphasis on technology to get the maximum potential out of his operations. “I refer to it as tightening the bolts,” he says. “We need to get as much as we can out of our technology investments and make our operations faster and more efficient—and make our staff happier.”

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