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LONG BEACH, CA (Laserfiche)—June 4, 2012—On May 23, the White House issued a government-wide plan for providing better digital services to citizens, “Digital Government: Building a 21st Century Platform to Better Serve the American People.”


In order to give you control and flexibility when setting up security, Laserfiche has several different types of permissions that you can configure. Two of those sets of permissions—feature rights and access rights—interact closely, and so understanding what each type of permission does, and how they interact, is very important to setting up and maintaining your repository’s security policy.

In Laserfiche, privileges are a set of permissions that secure elements of your repository beyond the basic functions of feature rights or the object-specific functions of access rights. While some of these privileges may be appropriate for regular users, many are specifically administrative. For example, the Manage Entry Access privilege allows a user to see (although not open) every entry in the repository and set access right security for those entries, and the Manage Tags privilege allows the user to set, unset and grant all the tags in the repository. Because these rights are powerful, if your repository uses security to restrict access to the repository, it’s a good idea to only grant those privileges to trusted administrative users. (more…)

Entry Access rights allow you to control which users can see which documents, folders and shortcuts in your repository. They determine not only what documents users can see, but also when they can modify documents, add or change metadata, add new pages, add new documents to folders, move documents to different folders, or delete content, among other actions. (more…)

Nara Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nara Bancorp, Inc. (Nasdaq: NARA), was founded in 1989 to serve the Korean-American business community in Southern California. Since its inception, the bank has grown to encompass 20 branches across three states, 350 employees and assets of more than $2 billion.

As a large community bank and federally-insured financial institution, Nara gets audited “all the time,” says IT Manager Mona Chui. “Keeping information secure and confidential is a top priority for us.”

In Laserfiche 8, Windows Accounts offer an easy and powerful way to grant access to users and to administer your repository’s authentication. Using Windows Accounts, you don’t have to add every user to the repository individually: instead, you can add their Windows Accounts groups and allow the individual users to inherit access to the repository from their group membership. (more…)

Best practices in Laserfiche security are to apply security settings to groups rather than individual users, and to use scope and inheritance to set security on entries. These processes make administration simpler and faster than working with each user or entry separately. Effective rights are the cumulative security settings that determine what a particular user can do or see, based on all their group memberships and the security settings in the repository. Viewing the effective rights can be useful for managing security and for troubleshooting—for example, if a user cannot scan into a folder and you suspect rights to be the issue. (more…)

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