A disaster can change the face of your organization in the blink of an eye. With careful business continuity planning, however, disasters don’t have to derail the success of your organization.

While most organizations are quick to consider their IT infrastructure when planning for a disaster, it is easy to forget paper archives. Laserfiche enables organizations across all industries to ensure the safety and accessibility of their paper and electronic files by creating a centralized repository to store all organizational content, both structured and unstructured.

The Laserfiche Advantage

  • Non-proprietary data formats. Laserfiche converts both structured and unstructured content to non-proprietary TIFF and ASCII formats, providing for long-term access and security.
  • Offsite information backup. With DVD/Blu-ray publishing, Laserfiche assures data backup and recovery while easily maintaining information offsite.
  • Remote access. Grant displaced employees access to content stored in the Laserfiche repository over the Web, allowing them to continue working from home or emergency locations.
  • Mobile capture. Laserfiche Mobile™ enables displaced employees to create and upload new content with the iPhone camera. Mobile content is managed with DoD 5015.2-certified records management functionality.
  • Foolproof security. Prevent unauthorized access to confidential information with role-based security features, ensuring that information security is not compromised in the event of a disaster.

Laserfiche Business Continuity Planning


  • Use digital archives to eliminate file loss due fire, flood, theft or other disaster.
  • Ensure information security even in the event of a disaster.
  • Assure data backup and recovery by storing compact digital backups offsite.
  • Routinely back up your information without stopping any services.


  • Instantly reconstruct damaged or destroyed repositories.
  • Store the database structure and metadata of the documents stored within them in XML format for rapid recovery.


  • Grant local police and fire department access to building plans and other essential information via the Web in the case of an emergency.
  • Empower employees to access business-critical information from emergency locations—including their homes.
  • Use Laserfiche Mobile™ to enable displaced employees to upload new content to the Laserfiche repository.

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