Credentialing is integral to the success of any healthcare organization. Effective credentialing helps organizations manage liability risk, attract customers and obtain accreditation from organizations such as The Joint Commission and NCQA. An efficient credentialing process also enables healthcare providers to more quickly deliver care to patients.

Digitizing and streamlining the credentialing process with Laserfiche has a number of benefits for healthcare organizations, including faster turnaround time, decreased costs and improved security of protected information.

The Laserfiche Advantage

  • Comprehensive capture. Capture information from a wide variety of media (paper, e-forms, electronic documents, etc.) and data sources (CAQH).
  • Batch processing. Automatically extract data from a large number of files, eliminating the need for manual indexing, sorting and filing.
  • Foolproof security. Prevent unauthorized viewing of confidential information, with role-based security features.
  • Intelligent routing and notification. Automatically send information to credentialing specialists, alerting them to new tasks with automatic e-mails.
  • Comprehensive audit trails. Monitor and record all of the activities that occur during the credentialing process using Laserfiche Audit Trail.

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What our customers are saying:

“The speed at which we can process applications skyrocketed. We’re currently completing approximately 1,500 applications a month, which is up from just under 800 a month a year back.”

— Ryan Boe
Corporate Credentialing Manager
Molina Healthcare

Laserfiche Credentialing


Applications are batch-scanned and processed using Laserfiche Quick Fields.


Laserfiche Workflow automatically routes applications to credentialing specialists, who receive notification via e-mail.

Review & Approval

Credentialing specialists review relevant information in Laserfiche, verify primary source material and check for derogatory actions against providers. Once a file is complete, specialists use a drop-down menu to approve or deny the provider’s status, and approval/denial letters are issued.


Laserfiche Audit Trail tracks all activity within the Laserfiche repository throughout the credentialing process, giving the organization greater visibility into—and control over—the way work is performed.

Storage & Archival

Credentialing information is stored in the Laserfiche repository and retention schedules are applied.

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