As anyone who's ever applied for a loan knows, a bank's lending department is especially prone to paperwork bloat. Between appraisal orders, credit reports, approval statements and mandatory borrower notifications, a paper loan file can be inches thick.

Laserfiche eliminates the costs associated with printing, shipping and storing paper loan documentation, while at the same time streamlining lending by increasing information accessibility, improving security and automating tasks to make staff more efficient.

The Laserfiche Advantage

  • Comprehensive capture. Capture information from a wide variety of media (paper, e-forms, electronic documents, etc.) and software applications.
  • Batch processing. Automatically extract data from a large number of forms, eliminating the need for manual indexing, sorting and filing.
  • Foolproof security. Prevent unauthorized access to confidential information with role-based security features.
  • Validation rules. Ensure compliance and consistency when collecting loan data.
  • Intelligent routing and notification. Automatically send information to loan processors, alerting them to new tasks with automatic e-mails.
  • Version control. Track who made changes, what those changes were, when they were made and where all versions of a document are located.
  • Comprehensive audit trails. Monitor and record all of the activities that occur during the lending process using Laserfiche Audit Trail. Web-based reporting enables organizations to identify trends and isolate behavior patterns, expediting audits and improving efficiency.
Laserfiche Loan Processing


Scanner operators at branch offices generate account-specific barcode cover sheets for automatic separation of batch-scanned documents before beginning the scanning process.


The central office uses Laserfiche Quick Fields to process the scanned images from the branch offices. Account numbers embedded in the barcodes enable the system to retrieve additional information from the bank’s database and automatically populate template fields.


Laserfiche Workflow automatically routes documents to quality assurance operators who verify that there are no issues with the documents. Documents are then routed to loan processors, who receive notification via e-mail.

Review & Approval

Loan processors review relevant information in Laserfiche. Using a drop-down menu, they approve or deny loans. Laserfiche can be integrated with other software applications, allowing staff to access documents from the application of their choice.

Storage & Archival

Documents are filed to their final locations in the central Laserfiche repository and remain there for archival and retrieval purposes.

Automate, Streamline and Transform Business Processes Across The Branch Network



Scanner operators at the branch offices generate an account-specific barcode cover sheet to precede the documents to be scanned.


Scanner operators at the branch offices scan into a shared folder that can be accessed across the branch network.

Central Office


A user at the central office uses Quick Fields to process documents. The account number (encoded in the barcode on the cover sheet) is the key to retrieve additional identifying information from the database. The user manually selects the document type. Processed documents are sent to the "Unverified" folder in the repository.


QA operators verify documents in the repository with the back-end account system. Documents without problems are marked "Verified" by the operators and routed by Workflow to their final location. Documents with issues are marked "Issues Remaining" and routed to the "Issues Remaining" folder by Workflow.


Documents filed to their final location remain there for archival/retrieval purposes. Documents filed to the "Issues Remaining" folder must have their issues resolved. Once there are no remaining problems with the document, they are marked as "Verified" and are routed to their final location.

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