ECM is a goldmine right now. Our phones are ringing with opportunities and we’re looking for systems integrators ready to partner with us to work smarter.

Laserfiche provides a comprehensive suite of ECM tools on a shared Microsoft foundation to support Microsoft environments while leveraging your existing Microsoft skillsets. With Laserfiche, you’re not cobbling together functionality from a bunch of different places; you’re actually streamlining your number of secondary software vendors to deliver the same ECM/BPM functionality on SQL and SharePoint.

It’s simple – fewer vendors equals more control over your deliverables. So, how can Laserfiche help grow your business?

We’re a global company with extensive local support and we’ve been developing solid ECM solutions for 25 years, and we do it better than anyone else. Apply now.

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Laserfiche Means Bidness

Laserfiche gives systems integrators the ECM tools and support to get more bang for their bench and win more business.

“Laserfiche Rio allows us to deliver the best technical solution cost effectively. We’re able to include our services and work with Laserfiche on those areas that aren’t out of the box.”

General Dynamics Information Technology
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Generate Better Opportunities

If you need to extend the Microsoft platform, Laserfiche is a one-stop shop for building out vertical-specific solutions, with ready-made templates for government, financial services and healthcare. Plus, we have transactional content management solutions for HR Onboarding, AP processing, case management and more.

  • Business Process Overview

  • Laserfiche provides an ECM foundation so your clients can address the broadest range of content processes.


Increase Your Chances with More Competitive Bids

Along with the opportunities, we’ll actually help you win the bids by supporting you every step of the way. We dedicate a team of engineers to help you write the ECM portion of your proposal, design the system, and get everyone on your team up to speed quickly.

  • Bid Support

  • Need help writing the ECM portion of your proposal? Get in touch with a sales engineer.
  • Technical Inquiry

  • Our technical team is ready to assist you with system design, technical specs and all the information you need to win bids.
  • Laserfiche Sandbox

  • As a Systems Integrator Program member, you’ll have access to your own test environment, where you can test Laserfiche products and configure Laserfiche solutions anytime you’d like.


Spend Less Time Training Staff and More Time with Clients

Because Laserfiche is built on Microsoft technology and is easy to learn and implement, you get more out of your bench. We have a solid on-line training program that’s as fast as it is effective – so you not only deliver customers the ECM solutions they want, you deliver the expertise they need.