Join the Professional Developer Partnership

Extend Your Solution. Expand Your Market. Raise Your Revenue.

When you join the Laserfiche Professional Developer Partnership (PDP) program, you position your application at the forefront of the enterprise content management marketplace. You become part of the world’s leading ECM solution, one that’s used in over 34,000 organizations worldwide. You’re supported by an international network of resellers, sales and technical staff, as well as industry-best marketing efforts. What’s more, you become an integral part of a product portfolio that provides scalable, affordable solutions for organizations of every size and budget who share a vision of doing more with less.

  • Partner with the world’s leading ECM provider.
  • Create efficiency for your company—and economy for your customers.
  • Gain a competitive edge and expand your customer base.
  • “The PDP program lets each company focus on its core strength. The result is that the whole is really more than the sum of its parts—the whole solution’s more valuable, because the integration’s done and ready to deploy. These days, going to market alone is not a scalable or viable business strategy. Being a PDP partner means efficiency for the vendor and economy for the customer.”
  • John Marchioni,
    Vice President of Business Development,
    ARX, Inc.
  • “Working with Laserfiche, we feel like we have a lot of support. The PDP toolkit is very open and very easy to finance, so we can provide a better product to our users at a very attractive price point. Cities are looking to maximize ROI, and the PDP program allows smaller companies like ours to offer a powerful integration at a decent price.”
  • Beth Dennis,
    Associate Principal,
    Urban Crossroads
  • “In the six months since we released our ID Shield integration, it’s already paid for itself. We’ve been able to sign-on with six resellers, and we’ve closed three deals in markets where Laserfiche has a strong presence—a county government, a municipality and a security firm.”
  • Mark Miller,
    Vice President of Sales,
    Extract Systems

Open a New Market for Your Solution

Since 1987, Laserfiche has created simple, elegant enterprise content management solutions that help organizations run smarter. This mission statement has inspired an international community of more than 1,000 Value Added Resellers (VARs), supported by our regional sales and technical staff and industry-leading marketing efforts. Laserfiche is used in 34,000 organizations worldwide, including all three branches of the U.S. Government, Mexican Immigration, Molina Healthcare, Transamerica Financial Advisors, Royal Saudi Embassy UK, and others, while the Laserfiche product portfolio provides scalable, affordable solutions for organizations of any size and budget. And we’re hard at work generating interest in going digital:

  • We host 300 webinars and present at 150 trade shows a year regionally, nationally and internationally to reach tens of thousands of new customers—and network with existing clients.
  • We sponsor an industry-first user community of Laserfiche Luminaries, whose passion for our product and its potential inspires prospective and current customers.
  • Each year, our Laserfiche Institute Conference welcomes more than 1,000 users, resellers and community members for three days of hands-on labs, learning and networking. PDP members are invited to teach Industry Solution track classes and exhibit as Alliance Partners.
  • Our international network works with clients in a number of industries, and provides them with hardware, software and configuration recommendations. By informing clients of your integration, they generate sales leads for your company.
  • Once you’ve completed your integration, you can post a description on the Laserfiche Marketplace, which receives more than 10,000 visitors per week.

Integration Made Easy—and Effective

Becoming a PDP partner gives you the marketplace advantage of integrating with an industry-leading ECM solution quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Marketing Support

  • A press release from Laserfiche when you join the program, and another when your integration is complete.
  • An entry on the Laserfiche Marketplace, which is available to all current and prospective Laserfiche customers, VARs and any other interested parties.
  • A demonstration of the solution to our Sales and Marketing teams.
  • A case study featured in our UserNews and on our Website.
  • PDP members with outstanding integrations are invited to give a class at our annual conference, attended by more than 1,000 of the most active members of the Laserfiche community.
  • Combined solutions with exceptional appeal to our customers are featured in Webinars hosted by Laserfiche.
  • Many PDP members receive invitations to present at Laserfiche reseller meetings and workshops.
  • Technical Support

  • A complete Laserfiche test system.
  • The Laserfiche SDK, which provides total programmatic access to the Laserfiche Server. This is the same API Laserfiche’s own developers use, so you’ll be working with a very robust interface.
  • A minimum of eight hours of consulting services to get your integration done quickly and right. Experts in the Laserfiche PDP group will help you plan, write and deploy your integrated solution.
  • The PDP Handbook, which covers everything you need to know to get started with your integration.
  • Online code library with many common functions already written in Visual Basic or C#.