An Entire Ecosystem of Support.

With a sophisticated code library, world-class community, extensive training options and more, Laserfiche provides you with more than just software—it provides an entire ecosystem of support for delivering value quickly, easily and without the need to bring in expensive ECM experts at every turn.

Laserfiche Support Site

What you can find here:

  • Best practices and tips.
  • Hotfixes, updates and patches.
  • Technical white papers.
  • Video tutorials.


Engage the experts and see solutions in action at a FREE Workshop near you.

Regional Training

Throughout the year, our user training staff travels around the world, offering hands-on training to Laserfiche users and administrators.


Each month, we conduct a number of free Webinars covering such topics as new system functionality and advanced configuration options.

Trade Shows

Don't miss this opportunity to hear from industry experts and your peers on trends, tips and techniques!


It's the Laserfiche community's most eagerly anticipated event of the year!

Online Training (CPP)

Gain access to online training materials and earn a Laserfiche Certification.

Laserfiche Answers

Laserfiche Answers provide an interactive location to discuss product functionality with Laserfiche Developers and the rest of the Laserfiche community.

White Papers

White papers provide detailed technical information to help optimize system performance and maximize uptime.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials provide hands-on instruction in how to use Laserfiche most effectively.

Scanner Reviews

Find out which configuration is best suited for your Laserfiche installation.

Upcoming Support & Training Events

  • DEC


    Long Beach User Group/Workshop - Long Beach, CA

    The City of Long Beach has just been named one of the top digital cities in America for the fourth year in a row, and now it’s sharing one of the secrets of its success with you!

    Join me and the Long Beach City Clerk’s Office for a half-day workshop—including a networking lunch—to explore how Laserfiche software can help your organization become a top digital performer.

    You will learn how:

    • The Long Beach City Clerk’s Office has increased transparency while decreasing paper storage costs and making staff more efficient.
    • To use web forms to quickly and easily collect the information you need (including e-signatures) to automate the accounts payable process.
    • To build easy-to-implement solutions that both IT staff and change-resistant employees love!
    • “Our goal is to virtualize and streamline the access and flow of records and information within the city, while ensuring security. We have been pleased with the Laserfiche system, because it easily expands and adapts to the technological and human factor needs of various departments while providing central control that is needed to ensure accountability.”

      -- Pat West, Long Beach City Manager

  • DEC


    User Group - Toronto, ON

    Sometimes when we get overwhelmed with work, tunnel vision prevents us from considering better solutions. Why not call upon your Laserfiche community for practical and impartial advice?

    Join us for a user group meeting to talk shop with peers from your area. You will learn about:

    • The latest and most useful features in Laserfiche.
    • Best practices and tips for Laserfiche users in any industry.
    • The most important steps in start-to-finish business process design.
    • You’ll have the opportunity to meet other like-minded professionals who are focused on getting the most out of their Laserfiche implementations. You never know who might share a solution that will transform the way you work!

      If you want to advance your knowledge of Laserfiche and contribute more to your organization, please join us at this special user group meeting!

  • DEC


    Beginner's Guide: Digital Content Management - Las Vegas, NV

    Do documents always seem to be missing right when you need to find them? Constantly searching through file cabinets and databases to service clients? Never quite sure where something is in the approval process?

    Join us for a seminar to learn how using a digital content management system can restructure your organization's information and documents in a way that improves staff efficiency and reduces overall operating costs.

    At this event, we'll cover the basics of digital content management for business and show you how to store all your company's records in a secure, centralized repository that's easily searchable by employees across your organization.

    You'll get a first-hand look at how our digital content management tools work to:

    • Eliminate paper-based activities that waste employee time and rack up storage bills.
    • Reduce delays in core business processes like accounts payable, contract management and customer service activities.
    • Build easy-to-implement solutions that both IT staff and change-resistant employees can agree upon.
    • Ensure records security and compliance with just the push of a button.
    • If you've been wishing for a more efficient way to share information and documents, join us to find the best starting point for your organization.

Grow the value of your Laserfiche investment.

Technology represents one of the most significant investments you make in your organization’s success. That’s why Laserfiche is committed to constantly improving its product suites to help you meet new business challenges.

The Laserfiche Software Assurance Plan (LSAP) provides your organization with these enhancements as soon as they’re released, along with the technical support and detailed technical material that preserves and extends the value of your Laserfiche investment.

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