When it comes to navigating the waters of today’s financial services market, manual business processes might leave you hung out to dry. That’s why it’s crucial to have a powerful document management infrastructure that helps you navigate changing regulatory requirements—and leaves you in a better competitive position overall.

With over 4,000 installations in RIA firms, broker-dealers and community banks worldwide, Laserfiche is the preferred choice for the financial services industry. Laserfiche combines flexibility over filing, repository design and workflow for individual departments and

offices with secured access to a central repository. Laserfiche makes information easy to find and use, while automating resource-intensive business processes and integrating with business-critical applications including CRM systems, accounting applications, core banking applications and more.

The result is a convenient, comprehensive and compliant document management solution that helps financial services organizations succeed against a backdrop of increased regulatory oversight, shrinking margins and market volatility.


Create a flexible, standardized system for managing client information, company records, correspondence—even e-mail—in a way that's convenient, comprehensive and compliant.

  • Automate Resource-Intensive Business Processes
  • Integrate with CRM Systems to Find and Use Information More Quickly
  • Improve Client Service

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“We have made Laserfiche an indispensable component of our day-to-day operations.”

— Geneos Wealth Management

Independent Broker-Dealers

Support business process management improvements, saving time and money while reducing security risks.

  • Automatically Onboard New Accounts
  • Automate Transaction Processing, Suitability Approval and Exception Processing
  • Integrate with CRM, Forms Filling Software, and e-Signature Applications to Streamline Workflows
  • Automate E-mail Surveillance and Archival

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Community Banks

Provide a document management infrastructure that meets the needs of multiple departments while controlling information and allowing staff to focus on customer-facing pursuits.

  • Accelerate Audits While Reducing Compliance Costs
  • Streamline Lending Through the Use of Automated Workflows
  • Improve Branch Management by Enabling Local Flexibility While Maintaining Central Control

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Credit Unions

Extend service to an expanding membership base with a document management infrastructure that automates resource-intensive business processes.

  • Streamline the Lending Process Through the Use of Automated Workflows
  • Accelerate Audits while Reducing Compliance Costs
  • Improve Member Service

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Laserfiche at Work for Financial Services

By serving as the universal repository for all organizational content, Laserfiche provides a single point of control for centralized administration, making content as secure as it is accessible for everyday business and headache-free audits.

By acting as integrative middleware that links to CRM systems, accounting applications, legacy systems and more, Laserfiche allows users to access information in the manner and environment in which they are most comfortable.

By serving as an enabler of shared services, Laserfiche eliminates departmental data silos and automates cross-functional activities to simplify, streamline and accelerate business processes, such as maintaining compliance logs, opening new accounts and speeding up audits.

By effectively balancing the need for both central control and local flexibility, Laserfiche enables your organization to set best practice standards and security policies while at the same time giving departments and business units the ability to store information and configure business processes according to their everyday needs.

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