With powerful capture, distribution, business process management and integration tools, Laserfiche enterprise content management solutions provide manufacturing companies with the control and flexibility necessary to optimize business processes and reduce operating costs.

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What our customers are saying:

“Laserfiche is the heartbeat of our company. It’s a great system to administer, and a great system to use.”

— Mike Eklund
IS Coordinator
RMS Company, Minneapolis

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Eliminate Production Bottlenecks

E-mail notifications, deadlines and defined work processes automate complicated procedures that involve multiple people and departments, from contract submission and maintenance to approvals and order completion.

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How the Town of Okotoks Streamlined Permitting

Marty Gaffney, Network Technician at the Town of Okotoks, AB, describes how the Safety Codes Department uses Laserfiche to streamline the permit approval process.

Process Orders Quickly and Accurately

Production staff instantly locate original orders—so they provide accurate instructions to machine operators and shipping personnel, increasing the speed and accuracy of order processing.

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How Avis Fleet Services Simplified Accounts Payable

Learn how Avis Fleet Services used Laserfiche to improve customer service with advice from Vincent Kelly, Analyst Programmer.

Simplify Compliance and Guarantee Security

Laserfiche Audit Trail tracks all events and ties them back to orders and employees, supporting Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and maintaining ISO 9001 standards throughout your organization.

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How Wichita Falls, TX, Manages Municipal Court Files with Laserfiche

Patrick Gray, Business Systems Application Analyst, describes how Wichita Falls, TX, uses Laserfiche to manage municipal court files with Laserfiche Mobile for iPad.

Build an ECM Infrastructure

From accounting and human resources to production and sales, Laserfiche has the flexibility to adapt to each department’s preferred workflows and filing structures—without sacrificing the control required for compliance.

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