LincDoc Enterprise Edition (EE)

Date: 03/01/2008

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Behind the curtain of LincDoc EE’s intuitive user interface thrives a sophisticated, highly automated document factory. LincDoc EE reduces risk and eliminates the guesswork in originating complex industry documents, allowing anyone in the office to build and manage the documents, forms and data that drive business.

Based on brief user input, LincDoc EE engages its advanced business logic engine to swiftly fashion complex documents from a repository of pre-approved language, addenda, paragraphs, sections or other types of business critical data. And with LincDoc EE’s granular version tracking, authorized editors can track the entire lifespan of documents and never publish an incorrect version. All documents work together with Laserfiche, can be routed in multiple formats and their data can mesh easily with existing databases.

With LincDoc EE, subject matter experts are no longer needed to approve documents, data collection becomes streamlined, time spent manually editing and approving traditional documents is drastically reduced and there is organization-wide peace of mind that every document is accurate, standardized and presentable.

Best of all, the financial returns of a LincDoc EE implementation are quickly realized, while the operational benefits will be felt almost immediately.

LincDoc Enterprise is LincWare’s most robust document automation and eForms solution that can:

  • Make the most complex documents seem elementary
  • Allow users to assemble and automate documents that smartly consider the content that will drive them
  • Help organizations fully embrace a true green effort
  • Quickly turn-around customized documents to keep pace with business
  • Give full control of the document automation process to your personnel, with permissions and secure log-ins
  • Significantly enhance your workflow by managing the entire lifespan of related documents
  • Decrease the time it takes for the data in a critical document to disseminate through the organization
  • Go from need to document to results quicker than ever before
  • Provide rapid ROI


  • All completed LincDoc eForms and documents automatically integrate with Laserfiche repository and templates
  • Business rules driven document creation engine makes building the most complex documents a snap for any member of an organization
  • Single repository of pre-approved and boilerplate form content ensures documents are compliant, accurate and consistent. Automatically included regulatory language, clauses, addenda, disclaimers and all other standardized document information
  • Granular version control and user auditing eliminates duplication and confusion
  • End user of any LincDoc eForm or document is “guided” through the completion process by “cognizant” fields, text prompts and alerts
  • Web-based user interface
  • eForm and document data populates existing databases
  • Pulls, populates data from external databases whenever appropriate
  • Exports eForms and documents in many useable formats
  • Quickly routes data and information through organization
  • Accepts digital signatures, online payments and advanced calculations


Product Edition:

Laserfiche 7.x or 8.0

Languages Supported:

LincWare currently supports English, but as part of our internationalization plan we have built the underpinnings in our software to handle multiple languages. If you have requirements in this area, please contact the numbers provided.


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LincWare, L.L.C. is a provider of eForm and document assembly and automation software. LincDoc FreeForm, LincDoc Standard Edition and LincDoc Enterprise Edition empower businesses and municipal organizations to better serve their customers and constituents, reduce costs and more effectively leverage bottom line critical information. The LincDoc family of products supports established work-flows in small and large organizations with seamless interconnectivity, version controlled document repositories, business-logic driven data entry, Laserfiche compliance, database integration and Word- and PDF-based document authoring.Based in Rochester, NY, LincWare offers the most simple and dynamic eForms solution available today. Whether building complex documents or single page forms, you can now facilitate sophisticated form-based business tasks in a just a few easy steps.

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24/7 Web Based Support

LincWare is dedicated to providing its customers with the most efficient and affordable pathway to benefiting from our products. Each LincDoc solution is designed around ease of use, exceptional cost-to-benefit value and rock-solid architecture.

Backing those product principles is a knowledgeable, 24/7 Web-based technical support structure dedicated to solving any issue that arises in as little time as possible. In fact, one call is typically all it takes.

If a support ticket needs to be opened, the entire process is monitored by upper management through a series of automated ticket reports. If it any time your problem is not solved to your satisfaction, the chain of command is readily available to address it.

LincWare also offers a highly comprehensive Wiki site for you to quickly search topics that relate to your questions and to which you can add your own tips and tricks. With our LincDoc enhanced support option, you can enter suggestions for new features that you feel will better your ability to streamline eForm and document automation processes.

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