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Date: 08/01/2011

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The Microsoft Outlook integration with Laserfiche allows users to track email correspondence by archiving it in their Laserfiche Repository.

Multiple profiles are set up by the user, through the plug-in to determine where the files are archived, template data to be applied, and whether the attachments will be included or filed separately.

The Laserfiche profiles use token data denote storage locations, entry names, and template field data. This enables dynamic and intuitive archiving methods along with ample search criteria for later retrieval. Single emails can be archived, using varying profiles per email – multiple emails can be selected at once for bulk archiving.

For a quick view of profile data per email record, users can toggle the Laserfiche Preview pane, which displays profile information along with applied metadata. Using the Outlook integration with Laserfiche not only fulfills the need for tracking email correspondence, but also for archive compliance.


The Outlook Integration with Laserfiche includes the following features:

  • The ability to create multiple profiles for categorizing email records.
  • The use of token data to dynamically generate entry names.
  • Apply template data per profile.
  • Attachment handling.
  • File attachments with or separately from the email entry.
  • Track emails via Outlook menu, right-click context menu, or the Laserfiche Preview pane.


Product Edition:


Languages Supported:


Required Laserfiche Products:

  • Laserfiche version 8 or higher


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