Email Manager

Date: January 24, 2013

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Email Manager integrates with the Laserfiche repository to provide semi-automated and automated classification, tracking, and archiving for emails and attachments. Searching Laserfiche for related content has never been easier. Integrated search capability allows for intelligent document search directly from Outlook. View Videos

Our goal is to provide a seamless experience for managing email and workflow inside of the mail client to save time and increase productivity.

Industries Departmental Uses Workflow
State & Local Government Accounts Payable Invoice Capture
Federal Government Accounts Receivable Correspondence Management
Justice Systems Purchasing Automated Archiving
Education Contract Administration Contract Management
Legal Sales Bid, Quote, Price
Financial Services Field Operations Customer Correspondence
Healthcare Human Resources Onboarding
Commercial Capital Projects Case Management

Tag it, track it, and let Email Manager systematically archive subsequent messages and attachments into the Laserfiche repository with tag-once technology. Message properties like To, From, Date, Subject, and Attachment name are automatically captured.

For complete automation, rules based policies and conditions are set to monitor inbox, subfolders, and alias addresses. When conditions are met, Email Manager will automatically apply the specified index values such as customer name, customer number, vendor number, case ID, contract number, etc and copy messages and attachments to the correct Laserfiche repository destination.

Email Manager Administration provides system administrators with the ability to promote standards like version management, dynamic fields, and attachment management for records continuity.


  • Tagging: With Laserfiche API’s, all field configuration and data validation is inherited. Includes type-ahead lookups to Laserfiche and third party databases to tag and index emails, attachments, and the entire thread from within the Outlook interface. System information (to, from, date, subject, etc) is automatically collected and uploaded into the Laserfiche Server for added search-ability.
  • Auto-Classification: By deploying rules and conditions, indices and meta-data are automatically applied to inbound and outbound messages. Monitoring the inbox, subfolders, and sent items messages and attachments will upload automatically with added context for workflow generation and search.
  • Tracking: Tag-once technology tracks the entire thread. Replies, attachments, and subsequent messages are automatically uploaded to the Laserfiche repository without requiring further user intervention. Email Manager categorizes archived emails for visualization inside of Outlook.
  • Archiving: Connects and uploads to the Laserfiche repository silently in the background for specified emails.
  • Search: Emails and attachments are now linked inside of Outlook. Additionally, all other related documents stored in the Laserfiche repository are easily searchable from within Outlook.
  • Administration: Simple and painless to deploy. Administrative changes are synced to the mail client automatically.


Required Laserfiche Products:

Laserfiche Version 8 or higher

Languages Supported:



Email Manager pricing sizes based on user count; ranges from $40/license - $90/license (one-time fee). Please contact us for more information regarding sizing and a product demo.


CMA is a Laserfiche Development Partner dedicated to simplifying the content management and archiving process for end users and administrators. CMA accomplishes this by developing integrated software solutions connecting Microsoft technologies to line-of-business (LOB) and Laserfiche applications. CMA solutions add value by integrating native email applications into the workflow and documentation process.

CMA strategically focuses on developing key partnerships with Laserfiche users and their VAR partners as a method for distributing its licensed software. Operating exclusively as a Laserfiche Development Partner, CMA is primed to help Laserfiche partners sell into existing client bases and develop competitive advantages for new business. The CMA development team has an extensive background, integrating Exchange for archiving automation, in addition to Email Manager’s out-of-the-box functionality. Learn more about the benefits of partnering with CMA at

Email Manager is uniquely developed to add value to customers who want to demystify and simplify email management. Therefore CMA partners retain a strong competitive advantage by offering the market's only integration utility designed to tag and track email threads. This functionality is critical to end user adoption and ultimately product differentiation in the ECM market for email automation, management, and archiving.



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