ScannerVision to Laserfiche Connector (LF-Link)

Date: 05/01/2007

Price: See below


Are you aware that the cost of losing a business critical document can run into hundreds, sometimes thousands? Is your business equipped to cope with the rising volume of paper and electronic documents? Could your business survive the loss of critical information?

Scanner Vision™ is the answer to disparate electronic and paper filing systems and procedures by bridging the gap between paper documents, scanned images and document management systems. By combining powerful features with ease-of-use, ScannerVision™ delivers documents on demand. This innovative solution works by bringing together existing and future demands for document availability, archival and retrieval.

Scanner Vision™ can be embedded into any multifunctional device, providing a slick, seamless interface compatible with many existing document managements systems or procedures. ScannerVision™ can also integrate with existing document scanners, giving you the ability to leverage value from existing equipment whilst revolutionizing your document-handling capability.

ScannerVision™ represents a powerful and flexible document management solution, which can be used and managed intuitively.

Through the Desktop-Client the user operates with the same user interface in both the Desktop Client and the MultiFunction System.


  • Data capture from MFP/Desktop Client, accessible folders, e-mail Servers, FTP
  • Barcode recognition
  • OCR Text recognition
  • VB Script facilities
  • Stamping functions
  • Interfaces with various target directories (SQL database, FTP- Server)
  • LDAP authentification
  • Conversion to various formats: SPDF, PDF, TIFF, JPEG
  • Direct interfaces with ERP-/Archiving systems


LF-Link provides an easy way to:

  • Populate Laserfiche template fields with ScannerVision metadata
  • Transfer documents from ScannerVision clients into Laserfiche repositories
  • Perform metadata-based database lookups and store these in Laserfiche
  • Automatically establish document links in Laserfiche
  • Specify OCR options for documents when they arrive in Laserfiche
  • Apply security tags, optionally based on expected conditions
  • Specify Laserfiche storage options for documentsUse database lookup results to name documents or folders in Laserfiche
  • Log failed document posts, and identify the reasons for the failures
  • Resolve conditions causing documents not to post correctly, and re-submit them



Product Edition:

  • Laserfiche Client 7.2.1
  • Laserfiche Client 8
  • Laserfiche Server 7.2.1
  • Laserfiche Server 8

Languages Supported:

English, Estonian, Eskimo, Luxembourgian, Sioux, German, Latvian, Faroese, Malagasy, Somali, French, Lithuanian, Fijian, Malay, Sotho Suto Sesuto, Dutch, Esperanto, Frisian, Malinke, Sundanese, Norwegian, Serbian, Friulian, Maori, Swahili, Swedish, Macadonian, Gaelic Irish, Mayan, Swazi, Finnish, Moldavian, Gaelic Scottish, Miao, Tagalog, Danish, Bulgarian, Ganda Luganda, Minankabaw, Tahitian, Icelandic, Byelorussian, Guarani, Mohawk, Tinpo, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Hani, Nahuatl, Tongan, Spanish, Russian, Hawaiian, Nyanja, Tun, Catalan, Afrikaans, Ido, Occidental, Visayan, Italian, Aymara, Indonesian, Ojibway, Welsh, Maltese, Basque, Interlingua, Papiamento, Wend Sorbian, Greek, Bemba, Kabardian, Pidgin English, Wolof, Polish, Blackfoot, Kasub, Provential, Xhosa, Czech, Breton, Kawa, Quecha, Zapotec, Slovak, Brazilian, Kikuyu, Rhaetic, Zulu, Hungarian, Bugotu, Kongo, Romany, Galician, Slovenian, Chamorro, Kpelle, Ruanda, Serbian Latin, Croatian, Chechen, Kurdish, Rundi, Sami, Romanian, Chuana Tswana, Lappish Samoan Lule Sami, Albanian, Corsican, Latin, Sardinian, Northern Sami, Turkish, Crow, Luba, Shona, Southern Sami.


For pricing information, please contact Scanner Vision.


During the last few years, ScannerVision has helped thousands of organizations experience significant cost savings and improve operational efficiency. ScannerVision products provide companies and government agencies with the ability to extend the usage of their familiar office MFP, while leveraging their investments in corporate network infrastructure.

ScannerVision is a Scanning application that has been developed to be embedded on Java enabled multifunctional devices from various manufacturers around the globe.

ScannerVision bridges the gap between paper documents, scanned images and document management systems.


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