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Information is one of your organizations’ most important assets, but it’s often difficult or expensive to get it to the people who need it. With Laserfiche Plus portable media publishing, any portion of a Laserfiche repository can be bundled together and published into a fully self-contained repository complete with integrated search and viewing capabilities. Using Laserfiche Plus, enterprise documents can be published to CD/DVDs, portable hard drives or USB drives, enabling portable access on PCs and notebooks.


  • Provide clients, mobile staff and remote offices with access to information.
  • Reduce distribution costs.
  • Simplify disaster recovery planning, and support business continuity.
  • Reduce the cost of regulatory compliance.

Make Documents Available to Anyone, Anywhere

Laserfiche Plus makes distribution easy to clients, business partners or remote offices that do not have access to your repository over the Web using Laserfiche Web Access or WebLink. It provides a self-contained portion of your repository, complete with folders, metadata and optional annotations, including redactions.

There are no installations required for the receiver of the media to open, search or read documents in the repository. The integrated viewer only uses a temporary directory on the user’s Windows PC and otherwise requires no modification to their system. The viewer program is provided royalty-free, so you can burn and distribute as many copies of your published repository as needed.

Reduce the Cost of Regulatory Compliance

Information is one of your organization’s most important assets—and one of the most highly regulated. With penalties for poor record-keeping growing more severe, it is even more important that you take a proactive approach to managing and protecting your information.

Laserfiche Plus enhances the practice of storing records in a Laserfiche volume according to their destruction date. When a volume’s documents are no longer needed or have reached the end of their retention cycle, they can be easily transferred to optical media. And when the disposition date is reached and document destruction is required, simply destroy the optical media and any back-up copies.

For regulated industries such as financial services, Laserfiche Plus publishing can provide accessible but unalterable document storage on optical media, which is a key aspect of compliance with SEC and FINRA recordkeeping regulations.

And with Laserfiche Plus, you can quickly and easily provide large volumes of documents to auditors or other regulatory examiners. Instead of copying, boxing and mailing documents, provide auditors with a single DVD or USB drive—saving costs and staff time.

Publish Documents Flexibly and Easily

With Laserfiche Plus, any portion of a Laserfiche repository can be bundled together and published to portable media. During publishing, you can choose what documents to publish by folder, by volume or even by results of any search performed in your repository.

When publishing by folder, entries pointed at by shortcuts within it will be included, so you can easily create a temporary hierarchy of documents specifically for publication. Document annotations can be optionally included, and redactions can be made permanent. Your Laserfiche Client settings, such as which columns to display when browsing a folder’s contents, are transferred to the published viewer. Publishing can be repeated for the same media to make multiple repositories available.

Laserfiche Plus publishing can burn directly to a local hard drive, burn to a recordable CD or DVD-RW, create an ISO image file that can be downloaded and burned at a remote site or output the repository and viewer files to removable media. Compression is supported to make the best use of the space available. Laserfiche Plus can apply password-protected strong encryption to your repository so you can securely deliver your documents.

Simplify Business Continuity Planning

Digital archiving is critical for disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Compact digital backups can be stored securely and cost-effectively off-site.

Laserfiche Plus publishes documents in the same Laserfiche volume format recognized by the Laserfiche Server. Metadata and repository information about your documents can be included in the volume during publishing, you can use data volumes published by Laserfiche Plus and backed up on DVD or Blu-ray Discs to quickly reconstruct damaged or destroyed repositories.

And during the disaster recovery process, the integrated search engine and viewer provide immediate access to information—even while other network resources remain offline.

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