1. How is Laserfiche Rio different from other enterprise content management systems?

In short, functionality and simplicity. Laserfiche Rio includes document management, business process management and Web publishing for your entire enterprise, all in one bundle. Laserfiche Rio’s named-user licensing makes budgeting and purchasing easy—all you need to do is count the number of users. And with its tiered pricing structure, Laserfiche Rio becomes more and more affordable with each user you add. As your organization grows, Laserfiche Rio scales easily to accommodate new departments and an expanding workforce. In addition to volume discounts on user licenses, Laserfiche Rio includes an unlimited number of servers, so you can create failover clusters, redundant servers, departmental servers, or whichever structure best fits the way your organization runs.

2. Which Laserfiche products does Laserfiche Rio include?

Laserfiche Rio includes the following:

In addition, for a percentage of your total system purchase price, you can add the DoD 5015.2-certified Laserfiche Records Management Edition and/or Laserfiche Server for Oracle. You can add the following Laserfiche modules on an “a la carte” basis:

  • Quick Fields enables bar-code scanning, Bates numbering and other batch processing methods.
  • Import Agent monitors your network folders for new content, then automatically imports that content to the Laserfiche repository.
  • Plus solidifies your disaster recovery plan by publishing the contents of your Laserfiche repository to optical media with built-in search functionality.
  • The Laserfiche Toolkit helps you customize Laserfiche Rio to perfectly fit the way your organization runs.

3. How does licensing work?

Laserfiche Rio uses named-user licenses, so you simply purchase a license for every staff member in your organization. License pricing follows a sliding scale, so the more users in your organization, the lower per-user price you’ll pay. In addition, you can upgrade your system to add unlimited public access to documents in your Laserfiche repository.

4. My organization has _________ people. Is Laserfiche Rio the right system for me?

Laserfiche Rio is an enterprise-class content management system, designed for organizations with 100 or more users. It scales easily from 100 users to 100,000. If your organization only requires document storage, search and retrieval, or if your organization isn’t quite that large, we might recommend another Laserfiche solution. However, if your organization requires business process management, auditing, Web publishing or other advanced functionality, or if the size of your office building seems to increase regularly, Laserfiche Rio is the best fit for you.

5. What are Laserfiche Rio’s installation and administration requirements?

Laserfiche Rio makes it easy to extend content and business process management capabilities throughout your organization. Web Access enables users to view, create and edit documents through their Web browser, meaning you can push document management enterprise-wide with a single install. Integration with Windows Active Directory simplifies system administration and security by offering single sign-on with Windows accounts, so administrators manage access at the Windows group level.

Repository architecture is easy to set up, with the ability to quickly replicate entire folder trees and set default document configuration information at the folder level. The Laserfiche Server also stores a profile for each user, allowing user settings to travel with them from workstation to workstation effortlessly and keep their settings even when using the Laserfiche thin client.

Once your system is set up, maintaining it presents little difficulty. The Laserfiche administration console is MMC-based, so you can snap it into the same console you use to manage all your enterprise applications. Laserfiche uses Microsoft-standard management tools wherever possible, so system administrators can easily incorporate Laserfiche into their existing system management infrastructure. These tools, along with WMI scripting, allow automation of many administrative tasks, such as event tracing and repository activity monitoring.

6. Can I cluster Laserfiche servers? Can I install Laserfiche on a virtual machine?

Because Laserfiche Rio includes unlimited servers, you can easily create server clusters to support your disaster recovery initiatives. Using the Cluster Administrator included with Windows Server 2003, Vista and Server 2008, you can create a server cluster that acts like one or more backup servers. If a failure is detected on the active server, it will be taken off-line and another server will take over its responsibilities. A server cluster also helps you ensure that a Laserfiche repository remains available during planned server downtime.

If you’d like to take advantage of virtualization, you can easily install Laserfiche on a virtual machine. This is very powerful if, for example, you’d like to test new Workflow processes without interfering with your production environment.

7. Where can I find more detailed technical information on Laserfiche Rio and its components?

You’ll find technical specs, system requirements and more on the Laserfiche Rio Feature Matrix page.

8. How does Laserfiche Rio’s total cost of ownership compare to other enterprise content management systems?

Expansive functionality combined with competitive pricing and low ongoing support costs make Laserfiche Rio a pragmatic, cost-effective solution—both now and in the future. In fact, many of our users who have switched to Laserfiche from competing enterprise content management systems have told us that their entire Laserfiche system cost less than a year of support for their previous system. In addition, Laserfiche systems traditionally offer a rapid return on investment—and with the benefits of Laserfiche content and business process management distributed throughout your organization, Laserfiche Rio is no exception.

9. Does Laserfiche Rio integrate with SharePoint and other Microsoft applications?

Laserfiche Rio is thoroughly compatible with Microsoft products. The Laserfiche server uses WebDAV technology, which offers broad interoperability and integration options, as well as support for Microsoft’s Web Folders. The workflow engine included with Laserfiche Rio is powered by the .NET Windows Workflow Foundation, so you can integrate with existing business processes through custom Workflow actions. You can customize your Laserfiche workflows further with the built-in script editor for C# and Visual Basic.NET.

Fundamental integration with Microsoft Office enables users to save documents directly to Laserfiche from within their native applications. Integration with Outlook enables instant e-mail archival, while the right-click “Send to Laserfiche” option makes it easy to add files to the Laserfiche repository from Windows Explorer.

Laserfiche Rio also offers industry-leading integration with SharePoint, complementing SharePoint’s collaboration tools by adding imaging functionality and enhanced workflow capabilities. Comprehensive security and auditing, DoD-certified records management functionality and superior search capabilities all enhance the value of your SharePoint installation.