Token Identification

This identification process sorts documents into classes based on whether a token matches a pattern. It can be configured in conjunction with tokens from other identification processes in Pre-Classification Processing to process documents more efficiently. It can only be used in Identification.

Example: The County Office of Animal Services configures a session to process dog license applications from both the City of Wonderland and the City of Neverland, which use different application forms. They configure a Form Identification process in Pre-Classification processing to identify each document as matching the Wonderland form or the Neverland form. They then create document classes for Wonderland and Neverland and use the tokens from the Form Identification process in the Identification tree items to match the documents to classes by form type.

To configure Token Identification

  1. In the Session Configuration Pane, select the Identification node.
  2. In the Tasks Pane, select Token Identification. The Token Identification Condition dialog box will appear. In this dialog box, you can define the conditions that must be met for the Token Identification process to succeed. The identification consists of a logic statement or series of statements that must describe a page for it to be identified for that document class. You can adjust the statement to suit the documents you want to assign to the particular class.
  3. Perform some of the following until you have created a valid statement that suits your purpose:

Identify the page if any of these conditions are true:

(Zone2) is marked.


Example ( using Barcode):

Identify the page if all these conditions are true:

(Barcode 1) is greater than or equal to 6

(Barcode 1) is greater less than or equal to 374.


Example ( using OmniPage Zone OCR):

Identify the page if all these conditions are true:

(Zone 1) equals Application

If any of these conditions are false:

(Zone 2) contains F

(Zone 3) is empty.


You can also view and modify the format of the tokens used.

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