Written by Simon Poulton on July 23rd, 2012

Not Your Grandfather’s ECM Software

Last Friday, I was speaking with a colleague of mine regarding the evolution of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software within the banking industry. One of the main concepts we discussed was the innovation of process automation either driven by, or resulting in the creation of content. This concept, of course, has a much wider application that extends across all industries. While some may take this for granted, the evolution of process automation has changed the ECM landscape. As the old saying goes, this is not your grandfather’s ECM; in fact, it’s not even your father’s ECM.

This week Kimberly Samuelson returns to discuss process, its evolution and some of the top practical applications.

To find out more information about any of the topics Kimberly discussed in her Vlog, you can view a Business Process Management Webinar on demand. Additionally, you can find many other educational webinars in our On Demand Library

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About the author: Simon Poulton

Simon is a marketing analyst at Laserfiche, you can follow him on twitter at @SPoulton.

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