Written by Sarah Kellison on November 17th, 2010

No Scanner? No Problem.

Yesterday I mentioned the new dynamic fields feature of Laserfiche 8.2.  Following the theme of cool things coming up in Laserfiche 8.2, today’s post features PhotoDocs 8.2.

First off, you may be asking yourself: “What is PhotoDocs?”  Well, in short, PhotoDocs is a tool that lets you to use a digital camera (instead of a scanner) to capture documents and bring them into Laserfiche.  It’s particularly useful for employees who work with clients in the field, such as financial advisors and social workers and is an affordable alternative to purchasing a large format scanner, since it can process photos of maps, blueprints and other oversized documents.  So what’s new in 8.2?

  • Panes to help you track your work
  • The ability to save and apply profiles
  • An image editor that allows you to apply custom manual processes
  • The ability to set default document properties

Read more about PhotoDocs in our support site whitepaper “What is PhotoDocs.” You can also read this Tech Tip for a bit more on the new features of 8.2.

About the author: Sarah Kellison

Sarah is a Communications Specialist at Laserfiche.

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