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ACE Bulletin: January 2010


Business Strategy: Laserfiche CEO Talks Growth at the Laserfiche Institute Conference

For most people, 2009 was a tough year: Unemployment was up, budgets were down and fear ran rampant. As California Congresswoman Laura Richardson said during the first general session of the Laserfiche Institute Conference last week, “All around the country, people struggled.”

And while Laserfiche founder and CEO Nien-Ling Wacker certainly didn’t disagree with this statement, it is her firm belief that in the toughest times come the biggest opportunities. “2009 was a watershed year, one that separated the strong companies from the average companies,” she said. “For Laserfiche, it was not time to turn the lights down and hibernate.”

2009 Highlights

Indeed, in 2009, the Laserfiche Luminary community—a collection of our most active and enthusiastic users—tripled, growing from approximately 200 at the beginning of the year to more than 600 at the end. A record 1,200 attendees turned out for the Conference, reflecting the growth of the Laserfiche community even in the face of recession.

Over the course of the year, we conducted 18 regional training sessions everywhere from Ghana to Georgia; participated in 471 trade shows; and hosted 393 Webinars and 214 workshops. Nearly 50% of 2009′s top digital cities and counties in America use Laserfiche, and we recently opened an international office in Hong Kong to capitalize on growth in the booming Pacific Rim region.

All of these efforts paid off: Sales for the year were up approximately 10%.

ECM Market Will Continue to Grow

An IDC analyst attending the Laserfiche Institute Conference expects that growth to continue, since the content management space is “not saturated,” and will grow approximately “4.5-6% annually over the next few years.” He predicts that, as a whole, the ECM marketplace will top $5 billion by 2013.

Furthermore, Laserfiche is strongly positioned to capitalize on that growth in the market. “We have good software and simple licensing, which means a lower total cost of ownership,” Tom Wayman, vice president of product strategy, told a group of analysts during a private lunch session for ACE members only.

The ACE lunch sessions featured a panel of industry experts discussing trends in the ECM space (including the impact of SharePoint 2010), as well as an in-depth discussion with Laserfiche Software Architect Michael Allen about where the Laserfiche product suite is headed. Many thanks to all who attended and made the ACE track a success.

What’s in Store for 2010

As revealed during a number of Conference classes, including “Coming Attractions in Laserfiche,” in 2010 we will continue to roll out a steady stream of product enhancements. The new SDK-which contains commands and documentation to help users take advantage of the new .NET-based API—will most likely be available in the next month or two. Laserfiche 8.2—which includes enhancements to Workflow, Quick Fields and RME—is currently slated for release sometime in the first half of the year. Looking further ahead, our Software Architect revealed a number of focused directions for Laserfiche 9—which will likely hit the market toward the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012—including advanced support for clustering.

Another exciting initiative for the New Year is the Certified Professional Program, which gives users and VARs the chance to demonstrate their Laserfiche expertise. Although we had originally scheduled two exam sessions during the Conference, we ended up adding three more, testing a total of approximately 200 people for the Administrator I certification.

For Wacker and the Laserfiche community, the future looks bright. She ended her keynote speech by proclaiming, “This is a New Year, a new decade. Working together, we can achieve ‘hockey stick’ growth!”

Visit http://www.laserfiche.com/conference/Video%20Highlights.aspx for video highlights from the Conference. For a one-on-one briefing about where Laserfiche is headed in 2010, contact Andy Wang, Director of ECM Strategy at Laserfiche.

Product News

Laserfiche Renews DoD 5015.2-STD Version 3 Records Management Certification

Laserfiche has renewed its records management certification with the DoD 5015.2-STD version 3 standard and extended the certification beyond electronic records management to include physical records management.

The physical records management capabilities are available through an integration from Infolinx, a Laserfiche Professional Developer Program partner. The integration brings physical records management features such as barcode and RFID tracking, space management, inventory reconciliation and online requesting and transferring of records to Laserfiche.

“The need for transparency and accountability continues to drive the adoption of DoD 5015.2-certified records management systems across all industries,” said Tom Wayman, Laserfiche vice president of product strategy. “The extension of our certification to include physical records management is of great value to our customer base.”

Laserfiche 8.2—currently scheduled to be released during the first half of 2010—will support Australia’s Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) Standard.

Customer News

20 Laserfiche Clients Named Top Digital Cities: The Center for Digital Government and Digital Communities magazine have named 20 Laserfiche clients—including Corpus Christi, TX, Norfolk, VA, and Santa Monica, CA—among the most advanced digital cities in America. Learn more.

Participate in the Community

Submit an Article: Laserfiche is now accepting submissions for guest articles to be featured in our weekly reseller newsletter and in our monthly newsletter for end users. If you would like to showcase your expertise within the Laserfiche community, please e-mail Melissa Henley with your proposed story idea.

Upcoming Events

Gartner Portals, Content & Collaboration Summit in Baltimore, MD, March 9-11: Laserfiche will be a Platinum Sponsor at this year’s Summit, where we will present a customer case study and lead a discussion on “Agile ECM.”

Kollabria’s SharePoint 2010 Seminar Series: Laserfiche is a sponsoring speaker of this 8-city road show designed to help retail, banking, insurance, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing and government organizations leverage SharePoint for powerful enterprise applications.

  • February 9 in Irvine, CA
  • February 11 in San Francisco, CA
  • March 4 in Houston, TX
  • March 23 in Atlanta, GA
  • April 13 in Reston, VA
  • May 4 in Boston, MA
  • May 6 in New York, NY
  • TBD in Chicago, IL
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