Problem Solving

Written by Sarah Kellison on July 25th, 2011

How To: Capture Faxes without Printing

Q: I have a customer who would like to capture fax transmission pages directly from their fax machine so the pages can be stored in Laserfiche without printing first.  What is the best way to accomplish this? A: Based on your explanation, it sounds like the perfect use case for Import Agent, which has the ability to monitor specific folders for …

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Written by Sarah Kellison on May 25th, 2011

Getting Up to Speed with Workflow

Q: I will be configuring some Laserfiche workflows for one of my customers. I am familiar with creating electronic workflows in general, but I am less familiar with Laserfiche’s workflow product.  Do you have step-by-step or best practices guides that will help me get up to speed? A: One way to learn more about our Workflow software is to enroll in …

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Written by Sarah Kellison on May 5th, 2011

Quick Fields: Automatic Redactions

Q: A client would like to use Quick Fields to blank out bank account details on the documents they process.  In some documents, the sensitive information falls in a standardized location, whereas in other documents, the bank account numbers are sprinkled throughout.  What Quick Fields processes do I need to configure to achieve automatic redaction of bank account numbers on …

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Written by Sarah Kellison on March 9th, 2011

How to: Automatically Assign Security Tags

Q: Is there a way to automatically assign security tags to a document if certain metadata criteria are met?  I’d also like to specify different levels of security automatically, like: View Only View and Print View, Print, Export Full Access A: This is a good case for Workflow.  You can set up a basic workflow to monitor the repository for documents that are “changed” or …

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Written by Sarah Kellison on February 4th, 2011

Compatibility with MSSQL and Oracle DBMS

Q: If a customer has an ERP that uses an Oracle data base, can he make ODBC connection between Laserfiche (SQL server) and his ERP (Oracle Server)?  What else should I know about using Laserfiche and Oracle? A: It sounds like you’re asking whether a Microsoft SQL server that hosts Laserfiche and an Oracle server can interact with each other, but …

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