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Written by Meghann Wooster on January 24th, 2011

ACE Bulletin: January 2011

Briefing 2011: Another Expansion Year for Laserfiche We all do better when we have a support network. As highlighted during the Day One video presentation at the Laserfiche Institute Conference two weeks ago, when a single organization joins forces with thousands of others to share knowledge, ideas and best practices, it becomes much more powerful than it could be on its own. At …

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Written by Tom Wayman on September 9th, 2010

Achieving a Failover Configuration Through Virtualization

Q: Steve, Thanks for your response. I do need to know if Laserfiche Web Access and/or WebLink are supported in a cluster environment? If not do you have a best practice as to how to configure the LF web products so they could continue to work in the event of a failure? Thanks, Nathan A: Nathan, This Microsoft article goes into how to set up IIS …

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Written by Tom Wayman on September 8th, 2010

Setting up a Failover Cluster

Q: We have a customer who has Laserfiche RIO licensing and wants to setup Laserfiche in a Failover cluster.  With RIO server licenses using a hardware ID in the license file itself, is it possible to generate a license that can be used by both servers in the cluster? Thanks in advance, Nathan W A: Nathan, The Laserfiche Server can be configured in a Failover Cluster …

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Written by Sarah Kellison on August 30th, 2010

Putting the “E” in ECM

Top four questions to ask when selecting an enterprise content management solution In a recently published Enterprise Systems Journal article, Chris Wacker, our executive vice president, discusses putting the “E” in ECM and the four “E” questions to keep in mind. Question #1: Can it “E”liminate silos? The agile enterprise abhors data silos. Yet all too often, ECM systems end up …

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