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Written by Sarah Kellison on March 8th, 2011

Always Running (Smarter)

South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (SEPT) is one of the largest and highest-performing national healthcare organizations in the United Kingdom and provides services for people with mental health problems and learning disabilities. The Goal: Modernize how live patient records are accessed. The Solution: With live patient records updated frequently, sometimes every 15 minutes, SEPT needed a solution that would be …

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Written by Sarah Kellison on February 28th, 2011

Customer Stories Roll-Up

Laserfiche is known for many things: ease of use, satisfied customers, ability to integrate with other apps, etc.  To me, though, all of those can be traced back to the sheer flexibility of the system.  Consider ease of use: Why is the system easy to use? Some would say it’s because of the flexibility of the interface.   Whether a …

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Written by Sarah Kellison on January 31st, 2011

How To: Overcome the “Scary” Side of Standardization

When it comes to standardizing on a single ECM platform, some organizations get it, and some do not.  It’s easy to think of un-standardized organizations as a little behind—still stuck in the age of the information silo.  At the same time, it’s no wonder that individual departments sometimes resist the idea of enterprise-wide standardization.  Frankly, when I think of the …

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Written by Sarah Kellison on August 26th, 2010

Creating Economies of Scale in IT

We all took Microeconomics in school at some point or another, right?  Economies of scale are a pretty cool thing– at a certain point, bigger truly is better, especially when you’re looking at your bottom line.  Not to mention, the long run average cost curve (LRAC) looks like a smile, which automatically puts one on my face. When it comes to …

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