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How MW Industries Automated the Request for Quote (RFQ) Process with Laserfiche Forms

Laserfiche Solution Contributed By: Jason Pennell, Information Systems Manager, Economy Spring MW Industries is headquartered in Chicago and is comprised of 21 divisions located throughout the US. The company is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of industrial springs, fasteners, machined parts and flat-stamped spring-related products that are used in the automotive and healthcare industries.…

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How TN Americas Completely Revamped Records Management

Laserfiche Solution Contributed By: Gloria St. Denis, Records Management Consultant, and Mark Stone, Technical Architect, TN Americas TN Americas, a division of AREVA Inc., is a leader in the American nuclear dry storage market, manufacturing solutions for interim dry storage of used fuel, radioactive waste, and other radioactive materials. Sixty percent of American nuclear plant operators use TN…

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How Halquist Stone Company Automated the Sales Order and Production Process with Laserfiche

Laserfiche Solution Contributed By: Wade Balson, Chief Financial Officer/Controller, Halquist Stone Company Founded in 1929, Halquist Stone Company is one of the largest providers of building and landscape stone in Wisconsin. Halquist currently operates nine quarries located throughout Wisconsin, along with operations in Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada. The sales office is often located…

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How the DCD Group Made Purchase Requisitions Electronic

Laserfiche Solution Contributed By: Dawie Marais, General Manager Support Services, DCD Group DCD Group comprises four different divisions: rail, mining and energy, marine, and defense. DCD Group’s headquarters have 1300 full-time employees, which equates to a large number of purchase requisitions that need to be created, submitted and approved on a regular basis. Here is…

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How DCD Group Streamlined the Employment Process with Laserfiche Forms

Contributed by: Dawie Marais, General Manager Support Services, DCD Group DCD Group comprises four main divisions: rail, mining and energy, marine, and defense. The majority of the DCD Group’s workforce comprises of temporary contractors, which is largely determined by the size of the contracts. Here is how DCD Group’s marine division is using Laserfiche Forms…

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