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How Franklin County, PA Streamlined Adult Probation Offender Check-In with Laserfiche Forms

Laserfiche Solution Contributed By: Edward Yonker, Information Technology Services, Application Software, Franklin County, PA Franklin County is located in south central Pennsylvania midway between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The southern boundary of the county is also the boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland, also known as the Mason-Dixon Line. Franklin County encompasses an area of 754 square…

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How the University of Central Florida Police Department Manages Records

Contributed by: Carla Markx, Records Supervisor, University of Central Florida Police Department The University of Central Florida (UCF) Police Department comprises many different divisions, each with its own documents and records. Here is how the UCF Police Department organizes records within the repository and complies with the State of Florida Library and Archives retention policy.…

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Paperless Employee Evaluations with Laserfiche Forms

Managers regularly evaluate the performance of their employees. These performance evaluations involve paperwork and approvals by various parties, including employees, managers and higher-level personnel. Here is how a sheriff’s office made daily performance observations of probationary deputies fully paperless with Laserfiche Forms. Daily Observation Report In order to make sure that new sheriff’s deputies are…

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How Ada County Sheriff’s Office Automated Departmental Records

Laserfiche Solution Contributed By: Travis Curtis, Law Enforcement Records Tech/Project Lead, Ada County Sheriff’s Office At the Ada County Sheriff’s Office, we handle a large number of reports daily from multiple agencies. Each department has different forms and retention requirements. Here is how we used Laserfiche Workflow in our Departmental Records (DR) division to efficiently…

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Use Laserfiche to Prepare Child Welfare Cases for Trial

Contributed by: Jerry E. Sawyer, Jr., Senior Programmer Analyst, Durham County, NC Durham County’s Department of Social Services (DSS), uses Laserfiche Rio with Laserfiche Quick Fields to automate the entire case management process from submitting the initial paperwork to taking the documents to court. Here is how we process case profile changes as well as…

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