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How the City of Highland Village Automated Procurement with Laserfiche

Laserfiche Solution Contributed By: Van Tinch, Systems Administrator, City of Highland Village and Steven Haffey, DocuNav Solutions Located north of Dallas, TX, the City of Highland Village is an affluent community of 18,000 residents. Like most local governments, the city continuously aims to enhance public services, facilities and infrastructure while promoting fiscal responsibility. Because of…

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How San Bernardino Associated Governments Streamlines Procurement with Laserfiche

Contributed by: Jeffery Hill, Procurement Manager, San Bernardino Associated Governments San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG) is the council of governments and transportation planning agency for San Bernardino County. SANBAG is responsible for cooperative regional planning and furthering an efficient, multi-modal transportation system countywide. Before Laserfiche, the procurement and contract management process was paper-intensive. Here is…

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How the Waterloo Region District School Board Registers Vendors with Laserfiche Forms

Laserfiche Solution Contributed By: Lorie Hough, Freedom of Information, Privacy and Records Information Management Officer and Chad Anderson, Business Project Manager, Waterloo Region District School Board Located in Ontario, Canada, the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) services approximately 63,000 students across 123 sites with a staff of approximately 9,000. With such a large employee…

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How Ada County Highway District Automated the Bid Procurement Process with Laserfiche

Contributed by:Misty Perry, Information Records Administrator, Ada County Highway District Ada County Highway District (ACHD) is the only organization of its kind in the United States. ACHD is responsible for all short-range planning, construction, maintenance, operations, rehabilitation and improvements to Ada County’s urban streets, rural roadways (excluding state highways) and bridges. Most construction projects must…

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How the DCD Group Made Purchase Requisitions Electronic

Laserfiche Solution Contributed By: Dawie Marais, General Manager Support Services, DCD Group DCD Group comprises four different divisions: rail, mining and energy, marine, and defense. DCD Group’s headquarters have 1300 full-time employees, which equates to a large number of purchase requisitions that need to be created, submitted and approved on a regular basis. Here is…

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Automate Your Purchase Orders with Laserfiche Forms

Every organization must deal with purchase orders (POs) in some capacity. Here is how to make the purchase order process completely paperless with Laserfiche Forms. The scenario The marketing department at LaserWorks outsources printing of product brochures to an outside vendor. A tradeshow is coming up and the company wants to hand out three brochures…

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