Are you planning to implement enterprise content management (ECM) software and don’t know where to start? Here are three reasons to begin your implementation in the accounts payable (A/P) department.

1. A/P touches many departments

Eaton_CountyEvery department has invoices and purchase orders that need to be submitted or processed. By automating A/P, the benefits of ECM will be felt across the whole organization.  For example, the A/P process at Eaton County, MI, touches 25 departments. Once these departments saw how quickly their purchase orders and invoices were approved, they were eager to use ECM to automate their own processes.

2. Results are quick

mark_anthonyA/P is such a paper-heavy and time-consuming process that by automating even a small part of it, you’ll see results right away. This will help generate buy-in from users and spread the good word throughout the organization. For example, implementing ECM in the A/P department at Mark Anthony Group led to the elimination of manual vouchering, a task that used to take employees 5-10 minutes per voucher.

3. Benefits are substantial

pebble_partnershipBecause A/P is a very paper-heavy process, the benefits of automation are substantial. Such benefits can be measured in both time and money saved.  For example, the Florida League of Cities saves 50 hours a month by automating A/P, while Pebble Partnership saves $3,800 annually on postage, paper and storage costs alone. Such benefits justify the organization’s investment in ECM and reduce resistance to organization-wide implementation from high-level stakeholders.

Take a look how process automation can help your organization gain a strategic advantage and tackle the challenges of invoice processing in this infographic.

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