Laserfiche Answers, a community-driven web forum where people from all around the world can share their Laserfiche knowledge and expertise, now has 1,300 members, 500 of whom joined during Empower 2014.

Since then, the site has averaged 100 posts and 2,000 views per day—a 300% increase over the average daily activity on the Laserfiche Forums. With 36 unique discussion topics, from Version 9 to licensing, there’s plenty to talk about on Laserfiche Answers.

The Laserfiche community has also rapidly embraced Laserfiche Mobile for Android. During Empower 2014 alone, Android users logged into the app 1,800 times. The app has now been downloaded by 500 people.

With these new platforms for conversation and information access, Laserfiche users are better equipped for the year ahead.

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