The Center for Digital Government (CDG) and the National Association of Counties (NACo) recently announced the results of the 2018 Digital Counties Survey—and Laserfiche is excited to announce that the majority of this year’s winners are Laserfiche customers once again.

The annual survey, conducted by CDG in partnership with NACo, evaluates how counties are progressing toward the goal of becoming fully digital. CDG selects the top respondents among four population cohorts and awards them with the honor of “Top Digital County.” These leaders in public sector digital transformation have spearheaded innovative initiatives that save tax dollars, increase efficiency, and enhance transparency, cybersecurity and citizen engagement.

The annual Digital Counties Survey gives counties the opportunity to showcase how they align technology with county goals and respond to key characteristics.

The list of characteristics from the 2018 survey included the following:

  1. Open: Transparency/Open Data/Data Governance
  2. Citizen-Centric: Government Experience (Mobile, Engaged, Digital Service)
  3. Collaborative: Shared Services/Collaboration Initiatives
  4. Secure: Cybersecurity Measures/Initiatives
  5. Staffed/Supported: Hiring and Retaining Competent IT Personnel
  6. Connected: Broadband/Wireless Infrastructure
  7. Efficient: Data-driven; Budget/Cost Control
  8. Resilient: Disaster Recovery/Continuity of Operations
  9. Innovative: Innovative Initiatives and New Technologies
  10. Best Practices

In an article about the survey, Government Technology points out that IT leaders in the winning counties are continuously looking for ways to make government more efficient, more effective and more responsive to citizen needs.

Survey results also revealed the top technologies and initiatives which are likely to have increased focus in the next year:

  1. Cybersecurity (No. 1 for five years consecutively)
  2. Disaster Recovery/Continuity of Operations (was No. 4)
  3. Citizen Engagement/Experience (was No. 5)
  4. Hire and Retain Competent IT Personnel
  5. Transparency/Open Data/Data Governance
  6. Mobility/Mobile Devices/Applications
  7. Budget and Cost Control
  8. Business Intelligence/Analytics
  9. Shared/Collaborative Services AND Cloud Computing
  10. Networking: Broadband and Connectivity

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Want to learn more about how governments are digitally transforming for higher levels of efficiency and better citizen services? Read the Center for Digital Government white paper: The New Answer to ‘Do More with Less’.

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