In Laserfiche 8, you can add Windows domain accounts directly to Laserfiche, and then treat these domain users and groups like any other user in Laserfiche.

This provides advantages for both users and administrators: users don’t need to remember an additional user name and password, and administrators can take advantage of the user and group configuration they already set up in Windows. In addition, administrators can grant security rights—feature rights, access rights, privileges and tags—directly to these domain users and groups, configure auditing for them and otherwise treat them exactly the same as Laserfiche trustees.

This ability simplifies user and group administration and maintenance in the following ways:

  • It is not necessary for an administrator to create new users manually; if a Windows account for a new user has been created on the domain, that user can simply be added to Laserfiche and administered normally, without needing to tie him or her to Windows trustees.
  • Administrators can add entire Windows groups to Laserfiche in one operation, rather than creating individual users one by one. If a user is moved from one Windows group to another, that change will be instantly reflected in Laserfiche as well, without need for further configuration—and in addition, if security is set on Windows groups rather than on individual users, they will automatically inherit the appropriate security settings from their new group as well.
  • If a user leaves the organization, the administrator can simply remove that person’s Windows account; the corresponding Windows account in Laserfiche will also be removed.
  • Furthermore, users can authenticate directly to Laserfiche based on their Windows username. They do not need to remember an additional username and password for the repository.

Security settings can be added directly to Windows accounts in the Laserfiche 8 Administration Console

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