Creating a functional form with Laserfiche Forms is as easy as dragging fields from the Form Designer’s palette to the canvas. Customizing its appearance is just as straightforward. The Edit and Style pages of the Form Designer provide tools to quickly change the appearance of a form and its fields to many different presets. More specialized adjustments can be made on the Script page via easy-to-use CSS rules.

On the Edit page, the overall width and alignment of the form and its field labels are set from the Forms Settings window. The width for each field is configured in its Edit settings.

On the Style page, preset and custom themes can be applied to a form to give it a distinct appearance with a single click. Each theme is customizable and users can create and save their own themes.

On the Script page, users can precisely control a form’s appearance using CSS rules. These rules allow forms to be styled beyond the preset options of the Edit and Style pages. For more information about customizing a form’s appearance, watch these tutorial videos:

Styling a Form, Part 1: The Style Page

Styling a Form, Part 2: CSS

To learn more about CSS in Laserfiche Forms, read the Using CSS in Laserfiche Forms white paper.

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