By Tammy Kaehler

Laserfiche is continually working to improve your access to information about how to use—and maximize your use—of our software products. One such improvement is the inclusion of Laserfiche help files in Support Site search results.

Where to find help

techtip06182013_1The technical writers in the User Education team document everything they know about product functionality in the help files, making the help your best, first option for finding the information you need.

You already know to look for the question mark icon on a product screen, which will link you to complete product information. And you probably also know we’re continually improving the new search functionality on the Support Site—a new search that uses the same search engine as the Laserfiche Client software.

But what you may not know is that our Support Site search now gives you a direct link to our help files. To find them, simply perform a search and make sure either “All” or “Product Help” is selected.


We welcome your feedback on the search functionality at

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