On the Instances page in Forms, users can see information about the process instances they’ve started, like the process name, start date, current step, and more. This information is helpful when users want to know the status of their instances, but what if they want to see their form submission data? In addition to this information, process administrators can include a summary of field information when users click on an instance.

In the screenshot below, field information from the user’s form submission is shown in the summary area for the process.

10-1-13 Summary

When you create a form, you can select the fields that will appear in the summary for each instance of that process. Because you can include information from fields on any forms in the process, you must refer to the fields by their variable name.

To include field information in the summary area for an instance

1.       Select the desired process on the Manage page and click any of its forms to open the Form Designer.

2.       Click the Variables tab on the palette.

3.       In the list of variables, hover over a variable that you want to include in the process summary. Click the Settings button to the right of the variable name to open the Variable settings window.

4.       In the Variable settings window, select the Include this variable in the Instances page checkbox. If the desired field is part of a collection or table, open its settings. Then, in the Variable settings window, select the checkbox next to the variable name.

10-1-13 Variable Settings

5.       Click Save to save your changes and close the Variable settings window.

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