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When sharing, editing or testing workflows, the quickest way to see how the workflow and its activities are configured is to use summaries. Summaries display the properties of the workflow and its activities directly in the Workflow Designer Pane. These design details provide the user with an overview of how the workflow will function when it runs.

Summaries let users quickly familiarize themselves with a workflow without having to click through each activity. Information displayed in summaries include: the workflow’s connection profile, the entry an activity affects, the filing path for Routing Activities and more.

Example: Roy creates a workflow for his company’s hiring process, but before he can implement it, he must present it for approval. Before his presentation, Roy displays the workflow’s summaries so that viewers can easily see the properties for each activity. For instance, in Roy’s Route Entry to Folder activity, the entry is routed to the “New Hire” folder where it waits to be signed, or countersigned, by the manager.

To view summaries:

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  1. Open a workflow in the Workflow Designer.
  2. Do one of the following:
  • To display summaries for activities: Right-click an activity, and point to Description Options. Under For this activity, select Show summary to see properties for that particular activity, or select Show summaries by default, under For all activities, to show properties for all activities in the workflow.
  • To display summaries for the workflow and all its activities: Right-click the canvas, and point to Description Options. Under For this workflow, select Show summary.


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Note: Summaries can be limited by pixel width to help keep them within the boundaries of the desktop. The following screenshots show the same workflow with different summary widths.

Workflow with unlimited summaries

Workflow with narrow summaries

Learn more about working with Laserfiche Workflow by visiting the Workflow online help.

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