The next version of Laserfiche will allow you to increase the efficiency of the people involved in your business processes by presenting them with detailed instructions and e-mail notifications. One of the new features—called participants—allows you to assign users a role and make them accountable for a specific step in the business process. A participant is the person who completes a specific role in a business process step. For example, a participant named Tom is assigned the role of “Accountant,” and his task is to processes paychecks.

Roles are important for two reasons: the role describes the participant’s function (enhancing the details of your reporting) and allows you to configure e-mail notifications that will be sent based on each role. The participant in a role can be a user or group.

Note: Since this is a preview, the details and appearances of certain elements may change between now and the final release.

What does this new feature offer?

  • When a participant opens a Laserfiche entry, details tailored to that person’s role will appear, letting him know exactly what his job entails for that step in the business processes.

Note: Information about the business process step is configured in Laserfiche Workflow and can be viewed in the Laserfiche Client and Web Access.

  • Participants can also receive e-mail notification of pending and/or overdue work via the new Workflow Notification System. This increases business process efficiency by alerting step participants when they have unresolved tasks. For example, when a business process is waiting, an e-mail notification is sent to the person assigned the task.
  • In the Workflow Designer, administrators can view the activity of participants, allowing them to view business process progress and the length of time a participant spent on each step.

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