Using field security, you can customize templates to display different fields for different users. While this is typically used to hide sensitive information, it can also facilitate a better user experience by hiding fields that don’t matter to certain users.

Fields shown in templates will vary based on the logged-in user’s field security rights. Users only see information they are allowed to see and other information is hidden. This not only secures information; it prevents users from entering values in fields that don’t apply to them.

For instance, the Loan Application template contains general fields for basic processing, such as “Client Name” and “Phone Number,” and information-sensitive fields, like “Social Security Number” and “Credit Score,” that should only be seen by qualified employees. The template also contains the “Date Approved” and “Approved By” fields that are only applicable to the last step in the business process and are irrelevant to general employees.


Figure 1: Qualified Employee’s View

Since general employees help process loan applications, the “Social Security Number” and “Credit Score” fields should be hidden to keep that information secure. The general employees also work with documents before they are approved, so the “Date Approved” and “Approved By” fields can also be hidden.


Figure 2: General Employee’s View

For step-by-step instructions on hiding fields, see Assigning Field Access Rights in the Laserfiche Administration Guide.

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