By: Misty Kalousek, Technical Writer

The User Education department is always looking for new and fun ways to educate Laserfiche users. While our main focus is to produce up-to-date help files, education papers, and videos, a team of writers have recently created a new training program for Laserfiche Quick Fields.

Laserfiche Quick Fields is an automated document capture solution. It can scan practically any document, identify its type, clean up its pages, retrieve information from it, fill out its Laserfiche metadata, name it appropriately, and store it dynamically in a specific location in a Laserfiche repository.

These tutorials are real-life scenarios of manual, time-consuming processes turned automatic using Laserfiche Quick Fields. Each one contains written instructions, sample documents to scan, and the built session for your reference. Before starting these tutorials, we recommend that you watch the Introduction to the Quick Fields Tutorials video and read the accompanying paper. The video and paper introduce you to Laserfiche Quick Fields and cover concepts you’ll need to understand to successfully complete these tutorials.

Two entry-level tutorials have been released.

Intermediate tutorials are coming soon!

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