By: Connie Anderson
Technical Writer

Optional watermarks are configured by individual users to be applied to documents that they are exporting or printing.  Unlike group or tag watermarks, which are configured by administrators and apply either to an entire group of users or to all documents with a particular tag, optional watermarks can be configured by anyone with the Apply Optional Watermark feature right, but apply only to their own documents.

For example, a user might want to indicate that a report they are exporting for review is a draft rather than a final copy.  That user could configure an optional watermark that would place the word “DRAFT” on the exported copy of the document; they could also use a token to include the date in the watermark. Alternately, a user might want to indicate that a document that they are printing should not be copied.  They could use an optional watermark to print the document with “DO NOT COPY” on it.

Optional watermarks are configured on a user-by-user basis and do not apply to any user other than the one who configured it.  It is available for both Print and Export, and can be configured separately to allow for different watermarks for printing and exporting. See Configuring Optional Watermarks for more information.

Important: Unlike tag and group watermarks, optional watermarks are available do not require Advanced Audit Trail.  However, tag and group watermarks override optional watermarks.  If tag and group watermarks are configured in the repository, and if a document would contain a tag or group watermark, when that document is printed or exported, the tag and/or group watermarks will be displayed instead of the optional watermark.

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