Virtually every activity, task and decision we make at our organizations is part of a business process. For example, when I submit a vacation request, I’m starting a process that continues to my boss, who can approve or reject my request.

In Laserfiche Forms, you can create an electronic version of form-based business processes like this one.

A Laserfiche Forms business process captures information via Web-based forms and automatically routes that information to the appropriate participants. In addition, Laserfiche Forms business processes can use that information to send e-mails, start workflows and update other applications.

Laserfiche Forms business processes:

  • Capture and work with information in Web-based forms.
  • Use public forms to extend participation to users beyond your organization.
  • Integrate with Workflow for processing outside of Laserfiche Forms.
  • Send e-mail notifications to participants.
  • Save submitted forms to your Laserfiche repository.

On the Manage page in Laserfiche Forms, you can create and administer business processes.

In the middle of the screen, you’ll see a list of all business processes your security roles allow you to see. You can search this list with the search tool in the upper-left corner and sort it using the Sort drop-down list. To create a new business process, click on the New Business Process button. Or, you can import a business process by clicking the Import button.

Once you’ve created a business process, you’ll need to create the forms that process will use and build the process in the Process Modeler.

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