By Misty Kalousek
Technical Writer

Laserfiche Mobile is an app for the iPad and iPhone that enables users to capture, upload, securely access and work with documents inside their Laserfiche repository while on the go.

In previous versions of Laserfiche Mobile for the iPad, metadata could only be viewed and edited when associated with documents but not folders. The upcoming release of Laserfiche Mobile 9.0 for the iPad will include the ability to edit and view metadata on folders.

Example: Cabell Inc. organizes all employee documents (resumes, applications, benefit forms, etc.) into folders by employee name. When Jill Hurst applies for a job, a folder containing her resume, application and other forms is created. When the company calls Jill for an interview, the Statusfield assigned to her folder will be marked as “Being interviewed.” If the company decides to hire Jill, the HR manager uses Laserfiche Mobile on the iPad to change the Status field on her folder to “Hired.” This action will immediately archive her resume and forward her employee documents through the remainder of the company’s onboarding process.

To view/edit folder metadata on the iPad:

  1. Navigate to the folder and tap the blue arrow to the right of the folder name.
  2. View or edit the fields in the Metadata dialog box and tap Save.

ipad release

Note: Since this is a preview, the details and appearances of certain elements may change between now and the final release.

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