By Constance Anderson
Technical Writer

Whenever you create a new volume, template or field, Laserfiche creates a starting set of security for that new object.  In a new repository, the Laserfiche Server uses a generic set of starting rights, but you can customize the starting default security for your volumes, templates and fields.

In the Laserfiche Administration Console, you can set up default security for volumes, templates, or fields.  Laserfiche will then automatically apply your default security to all objects of that type that are created after that point.  (Default security won’t affect volumes, templates or fields that have already been created.)  You can configure default security by user, group or Windows account, just like regular security.  You can also grant special rights to the object’s creator.

For example, an administrator might want to default to granting the Volume right Read to all users; the rights Read, Create documents and Append Data to the Scanner Operators group; and all volume rights to the Administrators group.  Then, whenever you created a new volume, these rights would be the default starting rights for the volume without any additional configuration needed.  You could still customize the security for individual volumes in special cases. Default Security simply allows you to customize the starting security configuration.

For more information, see Default Field and Template Security or Default Volume Security in the Laserfiche Administration Guide.

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