By: Connie Anderson, Technical Writer

With Advanced Audit Trail, Laserfiche supports several different types of watermarks on printed and exported images. You can assign watermarks to groups, which will appear on all documents printed or exported by members of the group. If you want a more flexible way to assign watermarks, you can also associate them with informational and security tags on a per tag basis. When a tag associated with a watermark is added to a document, that specific watermark will be displayed on the document in the Document Viewer, as well as printed or exported on the document. Watermarks configured per group are generally used to keep track of who is exporting and printing documents, while tag watermarks provide more granular control by allowing you to track what is being exported or printed.

For example, you might want to add a confidential watermark to a particular top secret set of documents. If you use group watermarks, every document exported or printed by a member of that group will have the Confidential watermark applied. In this case, even documents that are not confidential will be marked as such. Using tag watermarks, however, you can apply the watermark on a per document basis, ensuring that only the top secret document is marked confidential.

  • If a document has multiple tag watermarks applied to it, all the watermarks will be displayed.
  • If more than one tag watermark is in the same position, they will be listed one after the other when the document is viewed, printed, or exported.
  • If the user who exports or prints the document is also a member of a group that has watermarks configured, both the tag and group watermarks will be displayed in the Document Viewer and applied to the document when exported or printed (group and multiple tag watermarks will be listed one after the other if they are in the same position).
  • The group watermark header and footer text will be displayed when viewing the document in the Document Viewer.

Note: Unlike group watermarks, which share the same orientation across all watermarks, tag watermarks can be configured to use different positions, rotations, and sizes on a per tag basis.

For more information and instructions, see Tag Watermarks in the Laserfiche Administration Guide.

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